Why I’m Still Blogging After 7 Years

why im still blogging after 7 years

I can barely believe that I started this blog almost 7 years ago to this day.

I started writing my blog during the summer before I went into my last year of uni at Southampton. I’d pretty much spent the previous 3 months in Finland on my bed reading blogs after blogs. I became somewhat of a hermit. That really did feel like lockdown to me. It was sometimes -30 degrees, all of my friends from the first semester had left and as the days rolled on I ended up not doing a lot when I wasn’t in uni. I also wasn’t very well. Looking back it was a strange time for me. But creating a blog was the focus that I needed.

I initially only started writing a blog because I thought ‘I could do that too’. Plus, I had so much free time on my hands before going back to uni and I was almost sure that it would be a 2 month summer thing and then I’d never write anything again. I’d already started 2 different blogs before and never kept it up.

When I started writing my blog it was purely makeup and review based. It wasn’t even what I would call proper writing. I cringe so hard looking back at my earlier posts, but it shows how much you can come into your own writing style and find your own voice with practice.

As the months went on and I continued to write, my style became the forefront of my blog. I was OOTD (outfit of the day) crazy and would share about 4 looks a week, I used to spend a fortune(I still do, lol). The posts contained probably a couple paragraphs like ‘look how cute this top is, it’s black and goes with everything’.

Can relate.

It was more about the photos at this stage, and the outfit posts of the day is where I started to get real traction online. There was a lot of bloggers around at this time, but it was in no way saturated.

I got invited to London Fashion week and I started to collaborate with some fashion brands I could only have ever dreamed of working with including Boohoo and ASOS.

Over a year later, my blog had grown beyond my expectations and it helped me land my first graduate job. I was doing something other candidates weren’t doing and it showed that I had commitment to something outside of work.

Through blogging I’d also self taught myself a lot of skills including the basics of SEO, google analytics and of course, content writing. This meant that I had amazing foundations for beginning my career in e-commerce.

During this time, I continued to blog. It became a challenge to keep it up, there may have been a couple weeks I didn’t blog but I didn’t feel pressured anymore to keep up with it as it was still just a hobby to me. However long I didn’t blog for though, I’d always come back. I always have.

There were many times when I thought my time outside of work could be better used especially when I wasn’t making any money from it apart from the odd paid collaborations here and there. Sometimes I wondered what the point was.

The blogging sphere seemed to change overnight. The ‘influencer’ industry started to boom and you could start to make an income on Instagram alone. All of these high profile influencers didn’t have blogs.

The early inception of blogging and that community feeling of support had gone.

I started to lose interest in my blog and took a step back. But I never left.

As time moved on, I realised just how much I loved writing. The types of posts I wrote changed again. Whilst style is very much a part of my DNA, I came into my own on lifestyle posts.

Raw, personal posts that would just flow out of me. It’s always easier to write about something that you’re either a) passionate about or b) you’ve experienced. I truly found my writing style and whilst it can be seen as a waste of time, it’s not.

Blogging is like any other hobby, be it sea swimming or going to the cinema. I love blogging because it’s my escape. It’s that hour escape from your problems and the real world where your fingers don’t stop tapping and you haven’t even checked your watch or phone for the last half hour. That stuff is magic.

Writing is and has always been cathartic to me, especially in the past couple of years as my posting style has changed.

Despite an incredibly busy lifestyle, why do I still continue to blog, even if people don’t really read blogs anymore?

My blog and writing has always been there for me. Looking back it has been my only constant in my life during the last 7 years and has become an integral part of who I am today.

I have experienced so many amazing things, made online friends for life, attended events, met celebrities, caused chaos at the post room at my uni halls and not shied away from being honest.

It’s been so much fun and is an online space that will always be here for me when I need to talk about my feelings.

I guess now is when I say here’s to the next 7 years. So many adventures yet to come.

Thank you to everyone who has read my blog over the last 7 years and continues to do so, lots of love.

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