The Changes I’m Making On Instagram

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Besides the fact that this beautiful Oliver Bonas diary has only been opened twice. Once on Christmas Day, and also today, half way, HALF WAY through the freakin year.

You don’t need me to tell you that a quarter of our year has literally just been an amalgamation of watching Netflix, sitting on the sofa and comfort eating to the daily briefing everyday for 3 months.

Like, how has this even happened? The first days of lockdown were a complete drag, then all of a sudden your days have merged into weeks and then months without even noticing.

I guess we all feel like we’ve been robbed of life in some way, but I’m looking at it in a new perspective now. I have to. Lockdown really has given me a new appreciation for life, it’s been an eye opener and there are so many things I won’t be rushing back to once lockdown is officially finite. So I could sit here and say lockdown has been the worst time of my life, but it also hasn’t been.

Enough. Rambling.

After posting my honest story of the last 12 months of my life on IGTV, I’ve realised it’s the clearest my head has felt in months.

I sat there on the Saturday evening eating my takeaway pizza and I had this funny feeling. Was it happiness?

It was the first evening on my own I have sat there with no weight, nothing pressing down on me. Whilst posting that video is categorically one of the scariest things I’ve ever done. In doing so, my barrier is finally down and I no longer have to go about my business on Instagram feeling like a fake.

I’d already made the decision about what I want my platform to be and how I choose to represent myself on Instagram in the future, but things have become clearer since posting it.

Going forward, in a pledge to myself and my followers, I am only going to be true to myself. There is no more room on Instagram for pretending to show that you have the perfect life, and it’s far too exhausting to keep up that pretence forever. In doing so, what are you trying to achieve?

Posting content that is fake is only harming myself and the people that follow me.

So, here are the active changes I’m making to my Instagram account now, and forever, and I hope you’ll agree they’re for the better.

My Captions & Stories Will Be A True Reflection of How I Feel

My best friend Emily messaged me something on that weekend that really hit home.

When we have a headache, a cold, or potential corona…it’s the first thing we share on our Instagram stories. ‘uhhh I have the worst headache’, ‘can this cold go already’, ‘just sneezed, legit think I have corona’. (Just FYI, sneezing is NOT a symptom of corona, OK).

But when we are sad, feeling down or not in a good headspace. We do nothing. It’s certainly something we don’t automatically choose to share.

Whilst it is something completely invisible, it is still a physical illness that should not be ignored and silenced.

I touched on the fact in the video that I can no longer numbly post cute captions like ‘living my best life’, when I am doing far from that. It’s not fair on anyone.

In the past when I have not felt myself, I just choose to sign out of social media because it’s been easier than pretending I’m OK. This is why I signed out of social media for 3 months at the end of last year.

But from now on and every post in the future, my posts and my stories will reflect only the truth in how I am feeling. This change is the biggest change, because my account is no longer going to be an addition to the ever growing pile of accounts that form part of the problem.

Look Out For The Pink Squares

The main thing to look out for on my feed in the future is the pink squares.

The pink squares will usually be IGTV’s or micro blogs where I discuss issues that people don’t discuss. There are so few relatable millennial accounts on Instagram that highlight the struggles in their twenties.

I received hundreds of comments and messages after posting my IGTV, as I said in my video, if it touches or helps one person on their own journey then that is worth my time.

Without being click baity, the pink squares are a representation of my truest form as a millennial living life with a pink perspective, so that felt right to me, plus the pink fits in with my theme. So cliche I know. Forever living to conform to my Instagram theme, the struggle is real.

Type of Content

My Instagram was always a personal account that then became an offshoot of my blog, because of this I’ve never really nailed down a niche on the platform. It’s been a mix of everything to try and please the people who I went to school with 10 years ago and those that just follow me for my blog.

Moral of the story?

You can’t please them all.

In order to grow an account on Instagram we know you need a defined niche. Whilst I am not going to suddenly just start posting pictures of my feet to grow a following, I know I need some more defined content areas that my followers will expect and love from me when I do post.

Blogging and everything that goes with it is a hobby of mine and always will be, so I don’t want the content I’m posting to please other people to become a chore. This is really important when defining your niche.

My defined areas are going to be, the struggles we face as millennials, but don’t talk about (pink squares), style and interiors. The odd food shot too, OBV. My stories are obviously an additional offshoot, BTS which are unedited, raw and are usually me rambling in bed about something on a Sunday morning. You get the picture.

Be More Engaging

What I love most about Instagram is the community. The followers I genuinely enjoy talking to or watching their stories every day.

There are so many people going through struggles in their daily life, whether it’s posting a lovely comment on their latest killer photo or dropping into their DM’s to discuss selling sunset that you binge watched in a day.. I want to engage more on Instagram and build more of a community on my Instagram.

So, those are a few changes that I’m making to my Instagram, and I think it’s gonna make me love the platform and the content I put out even better. I hope you’ll stick around!

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