3 of The Best Self Help Books I Read In Lockdown

best self help books

I know what you’re thinking, enough of the lockdown posts already. I for one can’t wait until the day a conversation with a stranger doesn’t contain the word COVID or a nod towards the flour aisle that it’s full again, ‘haven’t seen that in a while’.

Okay, we’re so totally over it now. But lockdown has made up pretty much a quarter, if not longer period of our year. It’s been kinda a big deal.

One of the very few resolutions I have been able to keep this year is to read 2 books a month, this is a HUGE ask for me as I’ll usually only be able to find time to solidly read on a holiday where I’m doing nothing other than sunbathing and drinking lemon fanta for 2 weeks. Imagine.

Anyway, due to not actually being able to do much this year lol, I am smashing my target of 2 books a month and I am loving it.

I’ve read a lot of fiction books where I can totally escape but you know I’m a big fan of self help and mind books to help enrich my personal development.

I’ve read A LOT in the last 3 months, but I thought I’d share 3 of my faves that are totally worth adding to your read list.

1.You Are A Badass At Making Money – Jen Sincero

So, I LOVED this book. I have a confession to make, I started reading this on the train to London a year ago, came home and then totally forgot about it. I wanted to use lockdown as a time to actually finish reading all the books I had in my house first and this was the book that I needed just at the right time.

Jen’s first best selling book is You Are A Badass which I feel like I should have read first? But it’s one I’m definitely adding to my list now.

Whilst this book is very much about providing you with the tools and behaviours to make money, it’s a lot about money mindset and a positive mindset as a whole. There are very similar elements in here to my favourite book of all time, The Secret. What you put out into the universe, you will receive more of in abundance. This ties perfectly in with money mindset. If you have negative money blocks, how are you ever going to attract more?

The concept of the book is simple, yet so many of us don’t practice it. When you change your mindset I truly believe anything is possible and nothing is out of your reach.

I read this book at a time I really needed to get my mindset back on track. I love the part in the book that makes the ‘spiritual gym’ a thing. Sure, we at least try to exercise each day because it’s something that makes us feel good and hopefully has good physical results. But what about how you feel mentally? Attending the spiritual gym everyday is all about nurturing yourself with inspirational/motivational reads, meditating and being kind to yourself.

I love the concept of the spiritual gym and it’s so true, you might not see the results of this gym, but oh do you feel it.

This is a MUST read!

2.Start Now, Get Perfect Later – Rob Moore

A lot of the books I select are whatever is ranking in the top 10 on Amazon, so basic I know. However, I picked up this recommendation from Camilla Ainsworth who was on the 2018 series of the Apprentice, love her!

She shares a lot of her favourite reads and reckoned this was one of the best.

It feels like a lifetime ago since I read this, but I really enjoyed it and feel like it was a perfect lockdown read.

The book is for you if you’ve had an idea for a business or a passion and you’re just not getting started with it. So many people think if you’re launching something or doing something, anything that it has to be perfecto first time. Because of this, time, money and other people launch in the time you’re still sat on the sofa thinking about it.

It’s all about getting your ass in gear, beating those mind blocks of fear and failure, taking the leap and just doing it!

3.The Chimp Paradox – Prof Steve Peters

Truly life changing. Honestly, what a BOOK.

I don’t think there has been one friend I haven’t recommended this to since reading it and it’s undoubtedly one of my fave self help books of all time.

This mind management book breaks down human behaviour in the chimp vs human paradigm. The idea is that we all have a chimp inside our brain, the chimp is often the overriding thing that rears its head when we are faced with situations where emotions take precedence over fact and logic.

Ever been cut up in traffic and completely blown off the handle? That’s your chimp. Not received a text back for 2 days and pretty much decided that your friend has disowned you or you’ve done something wrong? It’s your chimp!

Whilst some of us may notice our chimp every now and then, some people only act on chimp impulses, we will all know a few of these people…

The book is all about managing the chimp, assessing situations and learning not to react on instinct.

It’s quite a lengthy read, but it’s one you need to stick with!

What other books do I need to be adding to my read list?

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