50 Everyday Flatlay Photography Props (Part 2)

flatlay photography props

It’s no secret that I am an absolute sucker for a pretty flatlay, so much so I already created a part 1 of 50 flatlay photography props, THREE years ago!

Due to the posts continuing success, thank you Pinterest, I thought I’d return with a part 2 of 50 everyday flatlay photography props that you probably already have lying around your home.

As lockdown continues across most of the world, you might have a bit, or a lot more time to be more creative with your photography on Insta.

So whether you’re snapping a food flatlay, a cosy setup or your favourite products, these are all the props you can think of adding to make your flatlay pop!

1.Post it notes with cute messages

2. Watermelon slices

3. Letterboards

4. Instax mini camera

5. Iced coffee/ Latte art super imposed into a cup

6. Suitcases (for a holiday packing post)

7. Pretty trays/mirrored trays for a base for building a flatlay

8. Biscuits, or pretty chocolates, mini eggs for a pastel themed flatlay

9. Popcorn

10. Noticeboard and wire board

11. Eyeshadow palettes

12. Trainers/High Heels/Slippers

13. Cute socks

14. Ice lollies

15. Dried cotton stems

16. Slogan tote bag

17. Wooden chopping board, used a base for building the flatlay

18. Cute scissors

19. Teapot

20. Slogan decorative signs, hello, aloha etc

21. The opened pages of a notebook

22. Fluffy cushion or throw for texture

23. Reusable water bottle

24. Wrapped presents – here’s some cute wrapping inspiration if you want your flatlays to look on point!

25. Lanterns

26. Sweets

27. Clothes hangers

28. Armchair (used as the base!)

29. Wrapping paper

30. Cute napkins

31. Ribbons

32. Pretty business cards

33. Monthly calendar print out

34. Marshmallows

35. Confetti

36. Pretty pens and pencils

37. Colouring book

38. Bikinis

39. Passport

40. Starbucks takeaway cup

41.Mason jars filled with nuts, granola, seeds etc

42. Straws

43. Picnic hampers

44. Hands wrapped around a mug, reaching for food!

45. Alarm clock

46. Pom poms

47. Opened jewellery box

48. Nail varnishes

49. Pretty plates

50. Petals/dried flowers

Bring the A game to your next flatlay by incorporating some of the above flatlay props to add texture and a pop of colour to your image!

What are your go to props for creating a flatlay for the gram?

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