How To Survive Weekends In Lockdown

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Spoiler: It doesn’t involve learning a new skill or baking banana bread, just sayin’. But either of those are perfectly acceptable ways to spend a weekend.

Last Saturday I woke up at 6:30am, at 6:40am I was bored, ALREADY.

Yep, the first weekend in official lockdown had happened. With a full stretch of the day that lay ahead, I had no brunch plans in place, no nights out, no day trip and no shopping trips planned. 6:30am wakeup seems cute when you got a nice day planned, not so cute when you realise you’ve added a couple extra hours to your day of doing nothing.

So I get up and write a to do list as long as my arm, but I don’t want to do any of it. I’m that bored that I genuinely can’t be bothered to do anything. I feel like I can’t focus on anything with what’s going on. Minutes feel like hours and hours feel like days.

Who knows how many lockdown weekends remain in front of us, but I knew I needed a plan of action in time for the next weekend.

We spend our whole lives wishing for more time to do the things we want to do and suddenly we’re all sat here watching Netflix for 12 hours straight and wanting to be woken up in 3 months time.


So, here I present to you the ultimate survival tips when facing lockdown/self isolation/quarantine or whatever you call it on the next weekend that comes around.

Establish A Routine

I can’t stress this enough that establishing a new routine is what is going to keep me sane. Tyson Fury says the worst day of the week for him is a Sunday when there are no scheduled plans to occupy his mind. I feel this. I thrive, in fact, I live off Routine, and when everything goes off kilter like last weekend where I don’t have a Scooby what I’m doing it makes me feel on edge.

From this weekend I am going to be establishing a new routine and splitting my day up into segments. This is personally not for everyone, but if you suffer from lack of routine then I can’t recommend enough creating a new routine for yourself. When life eventually goes back to normal I don’t want it to be too much of a shock to the system either. Because life will be normal again one day.

A weekend for me is going to involve;

-6am getup as normal for exercise, only a walk right now as I’m still recovering from being unwell. I’m following the Miracle Morning routine again which really works for me.

-Get back and journal, then eat breakfast. I usually head out for brunch on a Saturday so I’m gonna be bringing brunch to my home, American Pancakes, avo on sourdough, oh yes. We have to make the most of the little things right now.

-Get dressed and ready for the day. Segment my morning to do something I want to do, whether that’s setting time aside to FaceTime friends, work on a project or read a book.

-Segment my afternoon like the morning, I want to try and incorporate one yoga or other exercise session in to to keep my mind occupied too.

-Evening will be whatever the hell I like, dressing up to sit in the living room for the evening, devouring mini eggs with Netflix, likely.

Limit TV Time

It’s rich me saying this, whilst I was in self isolation all I could do in my vegetative state was lay there and watch Netflix all day. I did the whole series of Love Is Blind in a day. A DAY.

Sure, TV is going to while away your time, but it’s not gonna be long until we all have sofa sores and look back on our time in lockdown and wished we’d made more use of the time. Because, this is what will happen.

Getting lost in TV whilst we’re all feeling anxious and uncertain about the future of the world is a nice escape but there are other healthier ways to do it. I try to limit TV to just a couple hours in the evening and that in itself helps me to feel more productive and like I’ve actually got my shit together. Spoiler, I don’t.

We do all need those days where we just veg out though, just not EVERY day.

Turn Off The News

Literally, turn the news off now. The same goes for Twitter. There is currently nothing else being featured on either that is not to do with Coronavirus.

Before you know it you’ve been sucked into the COVID-19 sandstorm, you’ve convinced yourself you actually have it and that you’ll probably end up in hospital because you’ve just seen someone on the news your age that’s there too. Just stop.

Take a deep breath, switch the news off and only check it once a day. It will have such a healthy impact on your mental health, all the news does right now is continually chip away at you. We all know we’re in lockdown right now, we know our current situation so just stay put at home and the rest of the news can wait.

Get Fresh Air

Even if you don’t feel like it, get fresh air. Fresh air literally is the elixir of life. When I self isolated for 10 days, I literally had to sit next to the window open with my coat on, lol, and it genuinely helped.

There are people that are too anxious about going outside at all right now and I totally get that. If that’s the case I can only suggest going out early in the morning for a little walk when there is few people around, even then, whilst I’ve been out on walks everyone has obeyed the social distancing rule down to a tee.

Get the endorphins pumping with a little walk and the fresh air will help you feel a little bit calmer and lighter in no time. If the only thing you do each day is get a bit of fresh air, then that in itself is great.

Have A Project

Whilst this is going on having a little project on the go which indulges a hobby of yours will help to keep your mind sharp, this is so important right now when we’re only being mentally stimulated by TV and screens.

It could be something like deep cleaning a room you’ve been wanting to do for ages, picking up the knitting you started 4 years ago, getting stuck into writing your blog and planning content for the year, hollaaa. Whatever it is, create a new purpose for waking up on a weekend to make lockdown enjoyable. We might be here for a while so we might as well enjoy it, well, the best we can anyway…

Everyone is adapting to lockdown in different ways, this is personally what I think is going to help me get through lockdown and make the most out of it. Keeping my mind sharp and myself fit and healthy, I mean I really do need to start looking at my questionable snacking choices, but there’s always tomorrow, right?

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