Why I’m Going On A Social Media Sabbatical

Last night I signed out of social media for the last time in a long time. After weeks of deliberation, the resounding conclusion in my head was that I needed a social media sabbatical.

It could be for 3 months, 6 months, or I might never come back.

Every year I get drawn to the same thought process in my head that I need a break from social media and it’s definitely one of the things that brings doubt, comparison and sadness into my life.

I have to ask myself how does social media and more speficially, Instagram, benefit my life?

The answer is, it doesn’t.

So, my next question is, what does it bring into my life? Because let me tell you, it ain’t all roses and rainbows.

2019 looks perfect on my insta feed, right? But the reality couldn’t be any different. If this year has taught me anything it’s that life is too short to put anyone but myself first. 10 years time will be too late for me to look back and think, but what about me? Investing in yourself is the only certainty you know will carry you through to the future. 

Whilst I have met so many amazing online friends, my account also represents a huge number of people who follow me, but are known as vacant followers, they’re there, they see everything going on in your life but never engage, like or reach out. 

Social media is a fickle world determined by vanity metrics (likes), we certainly only show the good bits and spend too long trying to highlight our bad bits through the images of other people’s highlight reel. 

I’m excited to embrace the future in a traditional way. Waking up and reading a paper or a book before heading out the door. Leaving my phone at home for the afternoon because I can. I want to break this dependency I have on my phone and start interacting and living life again in the moment.

The time wasted scrolling through social media is one of the highest forms of procrastination that I know there is. Time is the only thing you can’t buy more of and as the days, weeks and years are rolling on, I know that the only way I can achieve what I want to next year is without social media in my life.

This is my time to disappear, live my life as a mystery to the thousands of people that follow me across my platforms and who knows when or if I will be back.

All I know, is that this is a hugely positive change that I have chosen to make to my life. As they say, the hardest decision is usually the right decision.

This is something I wish I had done sooner & I can’t wait to end and start a new year without the pressing burden of aimlessly scrolling through Instagram.

On that note, I hope you all have the most magical Christmas and the happiest and healthiest 2020.

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