6 of The Best Moments From My First 6 Years of Blogging

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I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve proclaimed that I’m jacking my blog in for good this year.

My hosting which comes in at just over £100 a year conveniently always happens to come out of my account during Christmas time. Back in June I’d already made the concrete decision of not renewing it. I’d even planned the blog post I’d be departing on, ‘The Last Chapter’ or ‘The End of The Road’ etc.

I’d really thought about it.

And then just like that I changed my mind again faster than a toilet goes from vacant to engaged. We’ve all been there, right?

There’s no denying that the blogging industry is not what it once was when I started my blog just over 6 years ago, whilst the sleek-chic title of my blog certainly isn’t something that even means anything to me or represents my personal brand of today, it’s something I just can’t let go of.


My blog has been the ‘thing’ that has always been there for me. The community that lifts me up when I need it and the online pals I have made that I can truly call best friends.

Ultimately, it is my love of chronic over sharing and my love of writing that is firmly cementing the future of my blog. Why let go of something you love? Surely it’s worth fighting for? And it is, because I certainly wouldn’t be here 6 years later if it was just a summer romance.

Whether you’re a blogging OG too and pondering the future of your blog or you’re new to the scene, I thought I’d share 6 of my best moments from my first 6 years of blogging to show that the blogging world is very much here to stay if you want it to…

1. MTV Crashes With Boohoo

I will never forget the time that Boohoo invited me to takeover their social media channels for the evening at MTV Crashes in Plymouth.

I had VIP tickets and they provided my friend and I with whatever clothes we wanted to wear for the evening.

Insta stories didn’t even exist back then!

Looking back it was probably, no, definitely one of the coolest experiences I got through my blog, as well as getting to work with one of my favourite clothing retailers. It was a definite pinch me moment.

2. I Had A Column In My Local Newspaper

I’ll never forget going to Sainsbury’s to pick up some Nakd bars on a Saturday morning in December and being greeted by my face on the front page of our local newspaper.


My photo had been pinched from my social media channels and been used to showcase the best pictures from Christmas Jumper Day. V random and strange, but it was from that unexpected mention that I got a double page feature spread in the newspaper, with outfit images and my own column!

It was all very random, and was something that was meant to materialise into a regular column, which didn’t. But it’s still something that stands out as being an amazing part of my blogging journey.

3. London Fashion Week

Way back when I even got to attend 2 London Fashion Weeks. It was by far the craziest experience, I felt like I’d made it!

LFW is very much about the social climbers and spotting people in outfits that are pretty much thrown together with only the craziest items in their wardrobe which a) don’t go and b) are classed as FASHUNN darlin’.

Spotted a few of my fave bloggers during the fashion weeks which was fab, it’s not something I’m interested in attending again, I feel like at the beginning of my blogging journey LFW was everything and if you didn’t attend you were a nobody.


4. Lauren Pope X InTheStyle Event In London

Another highlight in my blogging career where I felt like I’d made it! It was back at the beginning when InTheStyle just started dipping their toes into celebrity collaborations, and being the huge TOWIE fan that I was, I obviously jumped at the invite.

I remember mixing with so many other amazing bloggers that I aspired to be like and it was a taste of the blogging life that I hadn’t experienced before.

I took a lot away from that event and some of the bloggers I met that day are now totally slaying the Insta game with over 100K followers, meanwhile I’m still stagnating around 3.5k followers and what lol.

5. My Writing

Whilst ‘numerical and materialistic’ successes are great, it’s the personal successes in terms or growth and happiness as a person which are ones that to me, mean everything.

When I started writing my blog I was a bored student waiting to go into my last year of university. I used to write a few sentences about my outfit and wrote 500 words reviewing a mascara. My writing was shocking. I’ll let you go back to my very first blog posts to see for yourself…

My writing style has developed immensely over the last 6 years, not only has it improved, but my passion for it has sky rocketed.

Writing means so much more to me than just sharing what I’ve been up to with the online world. I love writing raw, personal posts because I find it cathartic, I love thinking of things to write about and I love having something to look back on when I really need to hear it again.

Its fair to say that writing has been one of the key things that has kept me sane through the highs and lows of my twenties.

For that reason alone, I don’t think I could ever stop writing on my own section of the Internet. It looks like I’m here to stay.

6. Blogging Community

I have lost count of the amazing people I have met through the blogging community. I have friends all across the UK and luckily some people that I can now call genuine best friends.

The nicest thing about the blogging community is that you already share a common interest. When you get older I think it can be harder to make more friends and in the blogging community you never have that problem.

There are so many friends I’ve never even met, but they’re online pals that I know are always there for me and vice versa when you need it most.

They’re the best cheerleaders that are always there to support your content, your life and your choices when sometimes your offline friends just don’t quite get it.

Undeniably, the last 6 years of blogging would not be the same without you and I can’t wait to have you by my side for the next 6 years and beyond.

What moments stand out to you on your blogging journey? Another year on, I talk about why I’m still blogging 7 years later…

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