How To Get Through Writers/Bloggers Block

how to get through bloggers block

Over the last year I have transitioned between wanting to quit blogging forever to HELLO I WANT TO WRITE ALL THE BLOG POSTS more than someone has commented SFS babe? on my Insta post, and that is A LOT.

I think the fact that I’m still blogging regularly after 6 years speaks a lot, only I have had the drive to keep my online platform updated and whilst there has been periods of time that I haven’t blogged for a while or totally lost inspiration, I always come back with more motivation and ideas than before.

A local blogger messaged me a little while ago for tips for pushing through bloggers block and seeing as I’ve been in the game for a little while I thought I’d share the things I have found helpful in a) beating bloggers block and b) how to post regularly and consistently which is undoubtedly the key to success if you want to make blogging your side hustle or full time gig.

Just Stop

Stop forcing content, because it’s not there. I used to be that person that was stressing that I hadn’t posted in a week or had no scheduled content to go up whilst I was on holiday.

It’s too easy to make the mistake of just trying to get anything up. It won’t be the best piece of work you can produce and your heart won’t be in it.

My absolute top tip for beating writers block is to just stop. Stop writing, stop thinking and this is truly the only time you will regain your creativity and your full flow of thoughts will soon return.


Whilst you take your break, get onto Pinterest. It requires little thought and I find it to be the MOST creative space whilst I am thinking of blog post ideas.

Pin to your hearts content, pin everything you love, look for blog post inspiration and get into a routine with it. If I can remember I try to pin x 5 times a day, not only is this the best way to grow your following, little doses on the platform really does help to regain your creativity.

Title Planning

Once you’ve taken that break and sought creative influences from Pinterest, magazines or Instagram it’s time to get title planning. I certainly cannot write any blog post without direction and know what I am writing for.

Grab a notebook, get a cuppa and dig in. If you’re really struggling for ideas start with your core blog niche/blog topics at the top of the page and filter down from there. Google ideas, google keywords surrounding your topic, find the top trending topics on Pinterest – is there anything you could write a topical post on? Dig deep, are there any thought pieces, raw real life stories that you can write about?

There is SO much inspiration around us and already inside us, I always find using my personal experiences the easiest things to write about as the words literally just keep flowing. I find it so cathartic and it really is all about finding your own niche in the blogosphere.

The moment you start finding blogging a chore is when you need to stop, revaluate and realign your blogging voice.

Find A Routine

Find a routine that works for you, rather than pressuring yourself set manageable goals or else it begins feeling more like a chore than a hobby.

Don’t make yourself get up at 6am on weekends to get all your blog content done (I’ve been there done that and my god it is not sustainable when you work full time).

For me the key components to finding a routine that you can stick with in the long term involve;

Sustainability – set small targets at first such as write one blog post every two weeks. You must be realistic with your lifestyle so it’s best to set small targets and build from there.

Consistency – results in blogging take time. Don’t expect your blog to take off after writing one killer blog post, you have to keep your audience captive and results take time. It reminds me of my old clients whose new website would have been live for an hour and they’d ask why they aren’t on the first page of google LOL. Just like that, it’s all a long term game that needs nurturing. Once you start seeing progress along the way, that is the only motivation you need to keep going.

Mindset – If you’ve got time to sit on social media, moan or watch a Netflix series then you have time to blog. Mindset is so important if you value your blog and want to develop it as a hobby or potentially into a full time job in time. It’s all about positive thinking and believing you can do it.

I really believe with the above you can keep writers block at bay, I for one don’t promise myself that I won’t desert my blog for weeks at a time again because life IS busy and I just have to prioritise the things going on in my life accordingly.

It’s just nice knowing that my blog is still there when I need it most.

If you’re looking to kick bloggers block, these 100 blog post title ideas will help you get started! Do you have any other tips for beating bloggers block?

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