June To Do List

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June? Really?

I’m going to be checking in with you for a half of 2019 review update soon and it’s honestly a little bit scary at the speed of the year. January was hell on earth in terms of what appeared to be a 90 day month, but since then the days have just been blurring into one.

Whilst this might seem daunting and you can think you haven’t achieved anything you set out to achieve this year. Just stop. Stop and take a minute to appreciate and realise that just because you have bigger goals now, don’t forget the small ones you smashed in February, March or May.

I believe you need to take a step back sometimes because we can all often feel like we take part in the rat race day in day out and nothing seems to change.

As we’re approaching the half way mark of 2019, I thought I’d share my to do list for June to hold myself accountable, will you join me?

Continue With Miracle Morning

Yes. It’s me, just banging on about Miracle Morning again blah blah blah. But hear me out guys. I’m approaching 4 weeks of miracle morning now which involves getting up at 6am even on the weekends and the difference in how I feel on a daily basis and how motivated I am is off the scale.

That extra hour or three I lose of sleep on the weekend has actually given me MORE energy, not less. I’m not hitting slumps during the day and by the time I’ve finished my Miracle Morning sequence by 7am I’m like, I literally have my whole day ahead of me. That feeling is amazing.

I used to feel almost guilty for lying in and used to panic that it was 10am and I hadn’t even got dressed yet. Uptight? Perhaps. But that lifestyle is and has never been me. I can’t even lie in bed all day when I’m ill! If something is not working for you don’t do it! I don’t have that FOMO anxiety anymore and my productivity on weekends has soared. As I have a demanding job that I love, there is often little time left if I don’t use my time accordingly.

Because of this I’m determined to consistently stick with Miracle Morning throughout June to see where the journey takes me next.

Invest In Myself

Personal development is my big thing for this year and I really see the importance in investing in yourself. I’m going to be doing this in ways that can enrich my life and help me to achieve my goals. Not necessarily in the conventional ways either.

For example, I’ve had a really bad shoulder injury for a while from swimming that I’ve ignored and I’ve finally had a word with myself and I’m having regular sports massages now. If I can’t perform at my best, how can I feel my best?

I’ve also had a professional photo shoot this week as I wanted professional images that I could use on LinkedIn and for blogging and across my social profiles. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for so long! After all, these images that people land on are the first impressions of yourself.

It’s not all things that cost the ££ either, it’s ensuring that I’m reading for at least 10 mins a day, switching up listening to music for inspiring podcasts and taking time out for myself to restore and focus my mind.

Reach My Savings Goal

After I bought my apartment, naturally saving went out the window because I’d spent the previous 3 years scrimping and saving and gal wanted that Gucci bag and continual ASOS orders again. And that was fine.

Towards the end of last year I got myself back on track and have set a big savings goal for the end of the year. I’ve even got myself a budget spreadsheet to keep track of my outgoings and the inner excel spreadsheet queen in me is squealing with delight!

I’ll hopefully have arrived at my savings goal at the end of the year for my next property purchase, and I’m just so excited!

Focus On My Blog

For the last 6 months I’ve been stuck between a rock and a hard place with my blog. The industry has dramatically changed, I now have a high powered and demanding job, in a career I love that it doesn’t even feel like a job, and I just kinda liked using my free time to binge Netflix and actually engage in human conversations, y’know?

I think I had to go either way with it. Abandon my blog and domain and let it wither into nothing, or actually start taking it seriously and put my all into it. I’ve picked the latter. Time is not an excuse for me, Miracle Morning has helped me see that and it’s allowed me to realign my goals, and I realise my blog is part of my future.

Alongside becoming a founding member of Vix’s Glow & Grow Hub, I’m armed with the tools and accountability to actually do this. June is going to be the proper revival month, and deep down why would I stop doing a hobby that I purely love?

Reboot My Side Hustle

Just because apparently I do nothing else in my life lol. I’ve also decided that I want to reboot my side hustle alongside my blog. Sure money is great, but this is purely not for monetary reasons, I just miss it! Everything I do is for a long term strategy, I’m not interested in short term gain, because of this I also have a few other things I’m diligently working hard on behind the scenes.

I love spending my evenings getting stuck into client work and doing work on Sunday evenings. My specialism is primarily in Ecommerce, SEO, CPC and social media and I probably only do about 10% of this now and I genuinely do love it. I worked in the industry for 3 years, it’s absolutely a skill to have and I love nothing more than working with a client, helping them to grow their sales online and watching the hard work pay off.

Because of this I’m going to be looking into what will be the best way for me to approach this, should I really be taking more on, and no but OK. You’ll probably have seen I’ve already added a services page on my blog as to what I offer, so if you are in the realm for this then do get in touch!

I think I’m going to be a busy bee in June, but I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way! What are your main goals for June?

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