6 Months of 2019 In Numbers

As this post goes live I will currently be cruising around the Mediterranean and living my best life. Even better that I literally only decided 7 days ago I was gonna join my family on a cruise this year.

Without being dramatic, I only realised last week that I have actually forgotten to live this year. I’ve been SO focused on work, saving and my diet that I genuinely have forgotten to live along the way.

I’ve had nothing to look forward to this year or any major plans and for 2 weeks I felt completely unfocused, exhausted and had no idea why. It was my body telling me that I literally need a BREAK. I think when you love your job and career so much and become so used to being completely absorbed in that routine that you lose sight of everything because you can’t see from the outside in.

This holiday is an investment in myself and I know I’m going to come back feeling so much more reenergised and ready for the next challenges of 2019.

Holidays are the best and I’m so glad I have the flexibility to literally decide with a week to go that I actually am going to go away for 2 weeks.

Anyway…I thought it would be fun to put the first 6 months of 2019 down in numbers.

6 MONTHS of being almost 100% processed sugar free

24 jars of Pip & Nut Almond Butter

96 chicken breasts

0 Dominoes – who am I?

2 bunches of peonies and nearly not enough

10 + Netflix series watched

3 days dog sitting – 100% quality time spent with Summer

5 – the amount of times I’ve changed my mind about my long term goals/plans

100 + cups of green tea

1 month without dairy

1 pitch in London

1 brand new car

1 Gucci splurge

2 blogger brunches

3 trips to London

6 books read (this is outstanding for me having not even been on a holiday to read them)

564 times I’ve had to tell James to shut the bathroom cabinet door

What a lot of numbers, but not enough of the good stuff, the rest of 2019 will be enjoying myself, whilst still loving what I do and saving, I’ve just got to find that balance. Tell me your top 3 things of the start of 2019 in numbers!

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