The 2 Self Help Books That Changed My Life

self help books that changed my life

Apart from making my shelves look pretty, it’s very rare that I’ll ever read a book and feel totally changed by it. I’ve read countless self help books including the Sarah Knight books where I’ve read them, throughly enjoyed them, but then put them back on the shelf and never made those changes or got rid of those f**** as she suggests.

Or perhaps those books didn’t come to me at the right time and I wasn’t open to change at that time? Because that is very probable. I think you do have to be receptive and want that change and desire internally to warrant change. You can read any self help book you want to on this world but if your positive mindset is not there, why bother?

So let’s set the picture. I had 3 weeks left to work my notice in my old job that I hated, my self esteem was at rock bottom, but my future was looking exciting for the first time, I had my dream job ready to get stuck into and with the right, inspirational people around me, I was finally ready to start changing my life. Upon recommendations, the first book that I read in that week between my old and new life was The Secret, and my life has never been the same since…

1. The Secret

I must have been hiding under a rock or something as I had never heard of The Secret book or TV show before. I had no idea what it was about, all I kept hearing from my close friend that recommended it was ‘that’s the secret’ when referencing events that had happened in his life. I was like ‘huh?’.

But now, I SO GET IT.

Without telling you the entire narrative of the book, because I strongly believe everyone needs a copy of this book in their life. The Secret is the law of attraction, the signals and the thoughts that you send out into the universe are what is returned to you.

So, if you’re thinking negatively about a certain situation in your life, then you will just attract more of that. Think about it, we probably ALL do this. I even find myself slipping back into this sometimes.

The power of attraction and positivity is the forefront of the secret. This is not a religious, magical, mythical book – this is real life and the power of positivity speaks for itself. When I first read the book I thought, ‘is that it?’ – but ask yourself how often you think positively throughout the whole day. It’s like when you have a bad day, one thing spirals out of control and after the first thing that happens your innate voice inside your head goes ‘this is going to be a bad day’ – you’ve already set yourself up for it.

In my old job I was surrounded by negativity which brought me down, it changed how I thought during the day and I constantly felt like I wasn’t good enough. I also used to believe that I used to have one good week and one bad week and sure enough that is how it went, but not because that was just how life was, it was my thought processes that created that situation for me. Scary. I was creating my destiny.

The book is armed with techniques and practices for harnessing the power of the secret and my god is it powerful. My life has changed dramatically in so many amazing ways in the last year and the more gratitude you display for what you receive, you guessed it, the more amazing things that come your way.

Ask yourself, why would you not want amazing things to come into your life? You’ve just got to believe and try it yourself.

The below things can easily be incorporated into your life and these are what I practice daily:

-Practice gratitude everyday, think of 3 good things before you sleep, I also try to do this in the morning – usually on the way to work in the car or when I’m swimming.

-I write down a gratitude/affirmations list, they can be to do with relationships, money, careers, life in general. I make them specific and try to read them each day. I love looking back at them 3 or 6 months on and seeing what I’ve achieved, there’s nothing better than setting goals, smashing them and then setting bigger goals to achieve.

-I visualise a lot! To harness the power you need to think and visualise your end goal. In January I felt in such a low place with my acne and I decided to quit processed sugar which I was sure would be the death of me. When people ask how I have that strength and willpower, the answer is, we all have it. We just have to want something enough. I visualised how I wanted to look and feel by summer and kept referring to that in my head when I was finding it hard. So where are we now? 4 months have passed, I am acne free and I am still processed sugar free and have never felt better, resulting in no pancreas flare ups this year. Now there really isn’t a day I’m not grateful for this. The power of visualisation CAN help you do anything.

-Visual Board/Pinterest – this one leads onto the next book. But having a specific board either to hand or on Pinterest where you keep all your goals and dreams for the future is the best way to constantly visualise and focus on your goals.

If you’re struggling to make those changes in your life whether that’s a relationship, weight loss, stuck in an unhappy job or just don’t know where you want life to take you, READ THIS BOOK. You honestly will not regret it, it’s time to turn those dreams into reality and the good news if you already have the power inside you do it. You just have to WANT change, as I always say, YOU design your life!

2. Miracle Morning

I was scrolling Amazon books a couple weeks ago in the top charts and stumbled upon Miracle Morning, I have heard a few people mention this book, and I obviously love a good self help book and anything that could help enrich my life in any way, so it was swiftly added to my cart, and the rest is history.

The concept again is simple. Wake up an hour earlier than you normally would. How many of us would forfeit that extra hour in bed though?

I am an early riser during the week anyway at 6am before I hit the pool, but we spend so much of our weekdays rushing from place to place, we’re exhausted by the time we get home from work and after we’ve cooked, showered and sat down on the sofa it’s an hour until bedtime and Netflix is the go to (SOON TO BE LOVE ISLAND OMG). Where is the time for self development? How can you possibly create the life you want when you have no time?

Miracle morning my people is the answer! You would not even begin to believe how that extra hour can change your life so dramatically and in such a short period of time.

The book details 6 life changing habits that anyone can incorporate into their routine before 8am and quite frankly, I’m sold.

The biggest difference has been my weekends. I always felt like I was owed a lie in on the weekend, perhaps only until 8am which I used to class as a lie in lol, but I’d always end up feeling more tired and lazy. The fact is I actually feel no different waking up at 6am than I do at 7am or 8am. I actually feel worse when I wake up without an alarm. There is a lot to be said for consistency, and the waking up at the crack of dawn on a Saturday is both empowering, calming and the best start to the day.

I get that people aren’t ‘morning people’ BUT contrary to popular belief, NO ONE finds it easy waking up at 6am when your eyes are still glued together and you have that split second flight or fight mode in your brain between just close your eyes again & SWITCH OFF THE ALARM AND GET YO ASS OUT OF BED. Now I think that will always be hard to some extent, but it does get easier. After my second full week of miracle mornings I seem to be naturally waking up at 5:20am which is nice and maybe a little be OTT but ok I’ll roll with it.

“If you have time to feel sorry for yourself or complain, check social media, binge watch Netflix, then you have time to set goals, work out, prioritise sleep and make a list of things you’re grateful for and better yourself”.

So yeah, SO much time for activities and pair that with limiting your time on social media and you can literally conquer the world and focus on anything you want to do. I really resonated with something I saw on Instagram a couple of weeks ago which went like ‘if you have time to feel sorry for yourself or complain, check social media, binge watch Netflix, then you have time to set goals, work out, prioritise sleep and make a list of things you’re grateful for and better yourself’. Just a thought.

The secret to success is underwritten into all of us, you just need to harness it and believe.

self help books that changed my life

Have you read these books? Let me know if you’ve read any life changing books, I’m always looking to add some to the read list!

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