6 Years On…What I’ve Learnt From Being Teetotal

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Being handed the ‘you’re never gonna drink again’ card when you’re approaching 21 was fun. How would you have coped if someone told you this? I invite you to jump into my shoes for this blog post, it’s been one hell of a learning curve these last 6 years.

What is normal? In a nightclub I feel like the ‘normal’ one now – although v rare now (I’m old ok) when I do go on a night out it’s pure comedy gold. I legit cannot believe some of the stuff that goes on, that’s down right gross, cringe and definitely not legal. Please can we get to an era where people have to wear a dash cam for nights out because I swear to god people would not watch that footage back.

No matter how people think times have changed and that sobriety is becoming the new drunk, the public perception that we must be drunk by 7pm in England (doesn’t even have to be the World Cup) is still the cultural norm, apparently it’s the only way to be ‘fun’. SEVEN WORDS – LOOK AT THE PERSON GIVING THE ADVICE. Thank u, next. Do you know what is fun? Not wasting my life being hungover and sick.

People will just not take NO for an answer. Unless your pregnant, an alcoholic or on antibiotics people will just not understand why you don’t drink alcohol. Do you think you’ll ever drink again though? Is there something you can take for it? ITS NOT A COMMON COLD OR THE FLU. I just can’t fathom some people.

Certain people might drop away from your life, I know in my experience that some people couldn’t understand why I didn’t drink anymore or even want to understand. I was different. I wasn’t different to the person they saw everyday in the day, I was just boring to them as I didn’t drink myself into oblivion every night out. I never saw losing people in my life or those turning their backs on me as a bad thing, it was an opportunity as it opened my eyes to the fact that these people weren’t true friends. As you grow you really do learn who your true friends are and let go of the ones that don’t enrich your life.

Me: ‘don’t justify’ ‘don’t justify’ don’t justify’ don’t justify’ don’t justify’

Also me: Well, the thing is I just can’t drink because 16457 years ago I was in hospital and blah blah blah.

Why are we not educated more that alcohol literally = empty calories and loads of them. Apparently I never realised drinking provided anything more than hydration. One bottle of VK only contains FREAKIN 253 CALORIES. I lost 2 stone when I stopped drinking, and we wonder why there is a problem with obesity in this world.

You grow up. Its hard when you’re faced with sobriety before you even hit your 21st birthday, but it does get easier. Lucky for me I barely go out anymore lol, I just don’t enjoy it. YIPPEE/Literally get me in my pjs in front of the TV or my laptop errrrday. Unless it’s with a large group or for a specific occasion there is nothing more I hate than a night out. There I said it. Why do I still want to be surrounded with people I went to school with 10 years ago and I didn’t like back then? The desperation of boys standing on the outskirts of the club like a meat market, the pushing, the sloshing of drinks and waiting for the taxi home like ‘so that’s why I never go out anymore’.

If you truly want to change your life, you can. If you want something hard enough in life you can make that change. There’s too much ‘I’ll start that tomorrow’ about many resolutions people choose to me, why not start today?

Jesting aside, being teetotal has changed my life in so many ways and there is not a day that goes past that I don’t feel blessed to have had this opportunity to regain my health, my life and my happiness.

Being teetotal no longer feels like a life sentence being hung over my head, it’s me, it’s my life and it makes me a better person every day.

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