How Prioritising Your Time Is The Key To Success

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March has already been such a reflective month for me and I just love it so much. My life has pretty much changed in SO many ways over the last 12 months for the most amazing ways and it’s all down to a little thing called time.

Sounds a bit too simple right?

It’s like someone telling you that the secret to life is having a positive mindset (which it is), but how often do you continually practice it?

It’s the same with time. Why don’t we hear it said more often that time is the only thing we can’t buy more of?

Losing a £20 note on the floor is the same as sitting on your phone for an hour aimlessly scrolling through Twitter, but we still do it? Why? Time is precious like money, I personally believe that time is the only thing that stops us from fulfilling our potential.

If you’re constantly exclaiming ‘I don’t have time to do that’, ‘I’m too busy’, ‘I wish I could do that’ ‘I don’t have time when I get home from work’ then this post is for you, we all have 24 hours in the day, its what we choose to do with our time that matters.

nordgreen scandinavian watch

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Identify The Time Leaks

Number 1 in getting control back of your time is identifying where your time is leaking. Where is it being lost that can be better utilised in other areas?

I seriously had to take a look at where my time was going when I moved into my own place because I suddenly found myself doing the dishes at 9pm having not even had a chance to start on the work I needed to do. Stressin’ el or what?

It helps to write a list of where you devote your time. I found that I was wasting A LOT of time on social media (OBV), I didn’t even need those fancy apps to tell me how long I was spending on there. I would easily spend 30 minutes when I got in the door on Instagram not doing anything before repeating in my head, ‘I’ll get up in 10 mins’. It is THE biggest poor use of our time. I’m not saying cut it out completely, but if you want to succeed in life and get the things done that need doing you need to cut back. I’ve dramatically limited my usage in the last 6 months and it’s made a massive change to my life.

Other areas that waste/d my time are binging on a Netflix series every evening/weekend(BREAKING BAD IM LOOKING AT YOU), procrastinating, googling random things that came into my head during the night, WAITING for people, working a 9-5 job.

Identifying them is the first step to freeing up your time to do the things you really want to do.

nordgreen scandinavian watch
nordgreen scandinavian watch

Get Up Earlier

There is a clear difference between the people that wake up early on the weekend and those that wake up at 12pm.

There is even a book called Wake Up which claims waking up an hour earlier every day will change your life and I’m so convinced by this.

Getting up an hour earlier during my working week means I can fit my exercise in before I’ve even sat down at my desk at 9am. Hello free evenings. Whilst there are days that I need to listen to my body and actually have that extra hour in bed, my weekends are always more productive and more enjoyable when I wake up early. And I feel BETTER too.

Whilst not everyone is a morning person, I think there is a lot to be said about early risers and that extra hour in the morning could be the key to getting ahead, and theoretically getting your shit together.

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When handed with a long list of things that need to be done you can either panic and become flustered or tackle the list in a logical way and ONLY do the things that need to be done in that period of time.

To do lists can become over engineered and quite simply ridiculous. The toilet doesn’t need to be bleached every day GOD DAMN IT. I blame you Mrs Hinch 😉 Sometimes this is why my blogging takes a back seat for a week or two, quite simply my work is more important and needs more of my time, especially if I don’t have any deadlines for blogging campaigns. Why give yourself the extra pressure? It’s so needless.

Especially Sundays which seem to become my day for cleaning, I add to my priorities what urgently needs doing and the smaller jobs I will try and keep on top of during the week which means I’m not lumbered with doing it all on one of my only free days of the week.

I personally also love to be constantly busy, its just how I’ve always been and I love ticking things off my list and moving onto the next thing. Prioritising is key to being in control of your time.

Oh, and Trello? If you don’t already have this in your life you need it! Search it on google, I promise you won’t look back. I also use reminders on my phone for a lot of life admin stuff, it’s the only way I won’t end up forgetting the important stuff like reading my electricity meter every month, huh?

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Your Working Life

Whether you’re in a day job, a freelancer or a student, listen to this. Why work 9-5 if we could work 10-4? Which would you pick? Now listen to this..

Anyone can expand their work to fill the time.

I realised this early on in my working career in observation that many people fill their whole day up with a few small jobs when really if the job is tackled effectively it could in fact take half the time. Unfortunately our culture is 9-5, but I became bored and frustrated of this routine that is not flexible and NOT conducive to productivity. How is sitting at a desk for 8 hours straight productive?

In the last year my working life has rapidly changed, I now own the flexibility of my hours which in turn has made me more productive, highly engaged and grateful for my position. It allows me to work when I want, use my free time to my benefit, but in turn it actually also means I work harder than ever.

You also wouldn’t believe how many jobs actually exist that shouldn’t actually exist, there is even a book about this which I would highly recommend!!

Use your time wisely, not only in your personal life but your working life too.

I truly believe in utilising our time to the best of our ability that there is no more ‘I’m too busy’ or ‘I have no time’ or ‘I’ve had no time to reply to your texts for 7 days (we’re all guilty of it, huh?) – come on, who the hell doesn’t have one minute to reply to a text for 7 days? Its actually laziness and not using the time you have efficiently, NOT being too busy. Just my thoughts…

Time is the key to unlock your future. What do you think?

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