How I’m Staying Motivated In January

I actually remember ‘Blue Monday’ last year, and pretty much became a part of the statistics that state it’s the most popular week for people looking for a new job. I was utterly miserable, hated my job, desperately wanted to leave and had already given up all the New Years resolutions I set when I’d had enough. Great start to the year, huh?

I won’t make you get the small violins out for me just yet because I wanted to capitalise on the fact that SO much can change in the space of one year.

Fast forward to today and I didn’t even realise it was blue Monday until Gregg James mentioned it on Radio 1 this morning (after WELL, HELLO JILL) as I was making my glorious descent from a fabulous training session into the rolling hills of Cornwall heading to a job I love. Now, what’s blue about that?

2018 ended up being an amazing year, but I want 2019 to be even better and I want it to be the year that I look after myself as I wrote about in my New Years resolutions.

I’m currently going through the most drastic dietary change of my life, stat. It hasn’t been without sheer commitment and resilience that I’ve been able to get into the third week. I ATE APPLE THE OTHER DAY AND WAS LIKE OMG THIS IS SWEETER THAN A CHOCOLATE BAR. I think I could get to like this new person I am becoming.

If you, like me are a stickler for New Years resolutions I thought I’d share with you what’s currently keeping me motivated as whilst this feels like the longest month ever I truly believe if you can get past January it’s plain sailing there on in.


Seriously, prep, prep, prep. Without being organised and well prepared I would quite literally be screwed. If you truly want something so bad you will put the effort into it required to make it work. This can literally be applied to most resolutions.

For me it’s making sure I’ve meal planned for the week and bought in all the ingredients I need. Prepping energy balls and meals on a Sunday night and freezing for the week. I have to eat roughly every 2 hours, so I’m being an absolute stickler for ensuring I have plenty of suitable snacks with me wherever I’m going.

If you fail to prepare you prepare to fail and no truer words have ever been spoken. Once you get into the routine of prepping for things it just becomes second nature and doesn’t feel like a chore at all. I personally think from a dietary point of view that 60% of the hard work is preparing and 40% is trying to resist those chocolate cravings. Am I right?

2. Surround Yourself With Motivators

THIS. For me it’s getting through this with my best friend who is also changing her diet and myself motivating her to train with me in the pool during the week. Having someone there going through the same thing is a motivator. You stop each other from making the wrong choices and encourage each other to do better.

Dissolve yourself of the negative nancies entirely, don’t need them.

3. A Positive Mindset

The Secret completely changed my life last year, and I’ve carried this mindset through to 2019 and it is doing bits for me. What you put out onto the world you attract back, so visualise your end goal, be positive, think positively and you will be rewarded.

When I’ve had my bad days and have got disheartened that I’ve not noticed any changes I have to stop myself in my tracks thinking negatively and replace it with my end goal. Visualising how I’m going to feel and look by the summer. It helps SO much and your mindset is the ONLY thing that will ever stop you from achieving your goals. Think positevly and you will only attract positive things and your life will begin to change. Quite literally.

4. Reward Yourself

Every milestone however small should be rewarded accordingly. For me they used to come in the form of dominos pizzas and bags of malteaser’s buttons that were gone in one sitting. Unfortunately (or fortunately) food rewards are strictly off the record for me now. A vegetable aint so appealing, huh?

By eliminating dairy and processed sugars from my diet, one of the main aims is to clear up my acne, whether it’s working yet is another thing, but I’ve got a whole new blog post coming about that… Because it’s in order for me to look good and feel better about myself (you have no idea how self conscious and introverted acne can make you) my rewards have been a trip to the dentist, new makeup and skincare etc. I’ve mapped my rewards out every 2 weeks so I have something to really look forward to. Since I’m actually spending a whole lot less on eating out on food this month I’m actually gaining if anything, right?Rewarding yourself also doesn’t have to come at a cost or be expensive, it could be as simple as a luxury pamper night at home, a trip to the cinema or buying a new book. YOU do YOU and why not do them all? It’s all about feeling good and the more you feel good and think more positively the more positive energy and good things you continue to attract. You just gotta break that negative cycle and get into the good one to reap the rewards. Trust me on this one.

This month has felt as long as waiting for the next pay day, seriously. It’s been SO incredibly hard for me with changing my diet but I’ve persevered and finally feel like I’ve broken the camels back. These things have all helped me to stay on track and motivated and if you’re on a similar course this month then I hope they help and I wish you all the best in your dreams for 2019.

How do you stay motivated during January?

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