My 2019 Blogging Predictions

Last year I wrote a post about how fashion blogging has changed and what’s next and whilst I still agree with what I wrote, the changes that have happened haven’t actually affected what I do, and I think more than ever that there’s even more to look forward to in 2019. Well, I hope so.

I mean, there’s a LOT I dislike about social media at the moment, but I always think there’s a postitive to be found in every negative. I really think as a content creator, influencer, blogger OR WHATEVER YOU CALL YOURSELF THESE DAYS that in order to thrive and move with the changes then you have to adapt. Without adapting there has been both a huge drop and surge in certain areas of the creative industry this year.

So, here’s what I think we have instore for 2019!

Bye, Bye Fake Followers

I mean, I hope so, right? Instagram bots and fake followers have been THE talk of the industry this year, and quite right too. Luckily, this is not my full time job and never will be, but when you work so hard for something and see someone that has bought fake followers get amazing opportunities over you then NUH UH. You’re cancelled.

I became educated on this a couple of years ago and use a well known website to shall we say, vet people, for work purposes of course.. But when you look at engagement rates in comparison to followers then you can smell a rat a mile off. Twitter already had a massive purge of ghost accounts earlier this year and whilst Instagram are unfortunately not retrospectively doing this, it’s going to be a lot harder going forwards to fool the game.

So, what I’m trying to say is, 2019 is gonna hopefully be a much more authentic place, where hard work is rewarded and those who don’t want to put the hard work in to get the growth will eventually just tail off. 

Blogging To Influencer Ratio

Whilst there is new ‘influencers’ popping up by the day who are trying to make a quick dime, the last year has seen a huge drop in bloggers, both ones that have been here from the start and new ones starting out. I guess this was mostly based on the fact that people are opting for expiring content (Instagram stories) and pretty pictures because we are using the short amount of time we do have watching or reading content that doesn’t take long. Plus, does anyone still read anymore?

However, because of this, there seems to be less bloggers around on the whole, blogging and writing requires x 10 more effort and time than uploading a snap to Instagram, and you actually have to quite like writing.

There seems to be a lot of talk about digital content driving a huge statistic of sales and that SEO is dying at the moment, and yeh, the people usually declaring this stuff are those that are only based within digital and social media. Try working in the world of Ecommerce and I can tell you that the conventional way we shop and SEO is still very much a thing. For now anyway.

Joint with the rise in voice activated devices, there is still a need for writing, perhaps in a different way to how I first started out, but I for one will be putting more of my focus onto my blog next year as I’ve slightly stepped off the gas this year and dabbled in other areas instead.

Finding Your Voice

In the blogging world being personal and finding your own voice has always been of utmost importance and on Insta you really need to find a brand for yourself, whether that’s opening up about your day each day, sharing your favourite fashion finds or sharing your house renovations – we like to get inside peoples lives, quite literally.

I don’t follow people solely for their photo content, the person behind the account needs to be personable, tell a story and not caption with the same emojis each time. Our follower counts are so saturated as they are that in order to want and need to follow new accounts we need to be offering something different to the other influencer and some.

That’s by using our personality and finding our own voice, because more and more people are going to stop following these accounts that all post the same photos with the same preset. It’s boring when you’re looking for a quick bit of inspiration and uplifting words on a Monday morning before work.

Instagram Stories > Instagram

Mrs Hinch has seen the huge success of using Instagram stories this year and I think it’s the best thing ever, growing from 3,000 followers to 1 million in the space of 8 weeks was rapid, amazing and it shows that there is STILL different niches for people to fill. Most of her success has been based off her daily cleaning stories and why yes I can easily sit here for 10 mins watching at least 20 stories because SO interesting. Instagram stories provides the real content we all thrive off, if only to validate our own life and know that maybe our habits and lives aren’t as boring as we think.

I did a little poll a few weeks ago about what people prefer and there was a clear lean towards Instagram stories. I think there is a lot more to come next year on stories, and in order to create growth of any kind on Instagram you need to be doing the both, and consistently at that.

Post What You Love

Myself included, I feel like a lot of influencers and bloggers share content that they think other people will love, and yes, whilst what your followers think is important it puts undue pressure on yourself.

Especially on my blog, I switched up my content completely and started writing more about my life, my words flow so fast when it’s something close to my heart and I’ve turned down a lot of sponsored posts this year that didn’t fit in with my ethos.

This ties in with finding your own voice, but posting what you love always shows over the stuff that has been forced. As Instagram accounts can look so similar in the way people shoot things, use presets and write captions, originality is key, and whilst they’ll always be people that copy, no one can be you.

You don’t need to necessarily share your whole lives with everyone down to how many wees you had in the night (I’ve seen it) but opening up a little and sharing what you love will engage and interest your followers. In a sea of growing influencers, originality is gonna win in 2019.

What do you think?

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