I Cut My Hair Off – Donating My Hair To The Little Princess Trust

donating my hair to the little princess trust

It’s no surprise that you’re all now or *probably* well aware that I cut my hair off. Yup. 


Having long hair has been a laborious love of mine for 8 years and rather than becoming a hairstyle it actually becomes a lifestyle. It becomes your crux, your personality and the thing that everyone remembers you by, ‘she’s the one with the long hair’. There’s so much more to it than just having ‘long hair’.

My long hair became me.

My long hair became ME. I guess as times goes on the more you cherish it and couldn’t imagine having it any other way, because you begin to believe that only long hair suits you, right?

Donating my hair was something I wanted to do 2 years ago but chickened out of it because of the fear that it would look bad on me, the whole reason I grew my bob out when I was 16 and never looked back is because I didn’t like it.

This year has already been a hugely transformational year for me, so as I was driving home one night a couple of weeks ago I made the decision to cut my hair off, and this time to not tell anyone. There was no double backing on myself this time.

donating my hair to the little princess trust

The fact of the matter is I haven’t been grateful for my hair in such a long time, I have the luxury that it grows at an exponential speed and pretty much spent every day wearing it up in a bun because it annoyed me too much. There are SO many people out there that need my hair more than I do, and what kind of a person am I to show no gratitude towards it but to selfishly keep it in the fear that I might look bad with long hair, vanity can go and do one.

Why Didn’t I do This Sooner?

The fantastic guys at Yoke Salon, Plymouth managed to fit me in on my day off this week and with my stomach filled with trepidation I had just over 26cm cut off (10 inches). As soon as my hair was cut I said ‘why didn’t I do this sooner?’. It hadn’t even been styled yet and I loved the new length on me already. Phew.

donating my hair to the little princess trust
donating my hair to the little princess trust

I think just because something has always been that way, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s any good. I’ve held back for years and years being unhappy with how limp my hair felt (because of the length) and rather than getting out of my comfort zone I just stayed put. The new haircut has given me a massive confidence boost and I just feel like ‘this is me now’.

With each ponytail of my hair that was cut off I felt like a part of me departed, the party days, the naive days and the child in me which doesn’t exist anymore.

THIS is me, and if people thought the #hairgoals comments on my Instagram picture would keep me from making the cut then you’re wrong. It’s made me feel better and I’m so glad that my hair has gone to the Little Princess Trust which will be used with other peoples donations and made into a wig for a little one or young adult who has lost their hair through cancer treatment and other illnesses.

Plus, hair grows! Who knows, I might be donating again in 2 years time.

donating my hair to the little princess trust

What a great way to end 2018. 

donating my hair to the little princess trust

Have you donated your hair before? Is it something you would consider?

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