18 Things Before The End Of 2018

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Where is the relevance between a picture of me holding the gooiest chocolate brownies and 18 things I want to do before the end of 2018, huh? Probably, the fact that by the time 1st January comes around I’ll vow not to eat anything like it ever again. And then it will be February and I’m like, no my 2019 starts n0w. And so on like that for every month.

That’s how New Years resolutions work though, right?

2018 has been a year of highs and lows for me so far, and after the success of actually ticking off everything I wanted to do on my summer bucket list I thought why the hell not challenge myself to 18 things before the year is out which means it’s gonna force me off sitting on my ass every single evening with the curtains drawn and the candles on.

We put so much importance on the start of the year, but why do we give up at the end? Maybe that’s where we go wrong? How can you possibly start off a new year on a good start if you finish it badly? Just a thought.

So, here we go.

Plymouth fashion blogger

1. Go to an actual Christmas market. The one in my home town doesn’t count.

2.Visit the cinema by myself. I’ve learnt that the only time I ever switch off properly is in the cinema because I can’t check my phone. I’ve never been to the cinema by myself, but after listening to Brogan Tate’s VLOG’s I really want to give it a go. It’s a form of self care I’ve never considered before and I think it could be wonderful.

3.Have a proper wardrobe clear out and get rid of clothing I haven’t worn in over a year, if I haven’t worn it for a year, the likelihood of me ever wearing it again is zilch.

I’ve already starting creating a capsule wardrobe for winter and selecting some key pieces, this irresistible little leopard print skirt that I’m wearing is EVERYWHERE on Insta at the moment. I’ve also been investing in some Maxi dresses from Quiz for workwear as I find them so practical for work and casual wear and they look fab with chunky boots. So yeah, it’s definitely all about the maxis, midi skirts and chunky roll necks for me this winter, and if you ain’t in that group you’re not getting in <3

4.Remortgage! How on earth I’m coming up to my 2 year anniversary of being a homeowner I don’t flamin’ know! Before then I need to remortgage, adulting hell.

5.Start saving some money. After buying my first property last year I’ve obviously allowed myself to treat myself again and have slipped back into my old habits. I actually do love saving as I get a little chufty badge when I hit my goal, so less Gucci and more dollar bills saved by December, she says.

6.Try and go one week without pizza lol lol lol. I’ll see how that one goes.

7.Eat less sugar during the week. Or at least try. (December doesn’t count, right?)

8. 3 years later after writing a blog post on wrapping with brown paper, my image decided to go viral on Facebook, I only managed to get a credit 5 days later. But it was totally unexpected, and hey I gained 500 more followers than I have in the last 3 years on Instagram. So that was nice. ANYWAY, I want to put together a brand new post with loads more wrapping ideas in the next month, so keep an eye out for that.

9.Light more candles. And remember to do so during the week.

10.Buy a Kentia Palm. My Monstera has seen better days and a kentia palm plant is just absolute goals, won’t be content to end the year without one.

Plymouth fashion blogger

11.Sort my skin out. Yes, a dermatologist is probably going to confirm that my blocked pores are the result of chocolate and what? But I need a facial or some kind of witchcraft to get my skin looking and feeling good for 2019. Coz, not sure about the giving up sugar thing?

12.Create more. I had a gap of time where I lost absolutely every ounce of motivation in everything that I once loved. I don’t know how and I hope it’s not momentary, but I’ve broken through it and I’m more excited than ever to be blogging again. I know people don’t read like they once did but its been a 5 year long love affair of mine. Course I was gonna be feeling shit when I suddenly just stopped. Don’t give up what you love. So yeah, I want to create more blogs, Instagrams and videos before the year is out.

13. I want to say spend less time on my phone like everyone does, but it’s so generic, and it never ends up happening. Instead, when I get home from work I want to not browse through social media UNTIL I have cooked, eaten, cleaned up and showered. I can’t believe how much free time I have left over in the evening when I’m not distracted by my phone.

14.Go to a Christmas event. I have no idea what event yet but I want to go the cutest, Christmassey event ever and I’m v much here for the thought of that.

15.Watch Sabrina. You wouldn’t have thought I was the biggest Sabrina fan ever, so much so I haven’t even watched the new Netflix series yet. This is my November priority, I know I’ll end up binging it in one day anyway.

16.Remeber to practice gratitude. I’m very good at doing this now when things are going well but I forget to do so when I’m not feeling well or if I’ve had a bad day. Gratitude needs to be practiced daily, so it’s something I’m going to make a conscious effort to do for the rest of the year.

17. Find healthier, filling snacks. Swimming 2 miles 4 times a week means that I get starving and when I’m starving and have nothing healthy to hand I just reach for the unhealthiest snack and think that’s ok. I really need to get some good supplies in that will fill me up and actually taste nice too. Not sure if those exist, but hook a girl up if ya do?

18.Enjoy every second of the last couple months of 2018. Life is so precious and I want to enjoy every single day as it comes which I really have done since April. I want to say yes to every opportunity or occasion and just have the best time ever. Less staying in with the TV even when I feel like it and more going out and doing things.

November, December – let’s be having ya.

leopard print skirt quiz


TOWIE Leaopard Print Wrap Skirt & TOWIE Wink T-Shirt* – Quiz Clothing

Boots – Zara

Coat – Topshop

Soho Disco Bag – Gucci

extreme chocolate brownies Plymouth

Delicious instagrramable brownies picked up from Royal William Yard Good Food Market, drools.

What 3 things do you want to achieve by the end of the year?

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