One Month Of Living With A Boy

one month living with a boy

In the words of Monica, ‘AND NOW I HAVE TO LIVE WITH A BOY’.

After over 6 years of being together, with most of that being in a long distance relationship, the end of September finally saw us start the next chapter of our lives together. Pretty exciting, scary and OMG I have no space anymore kinda feels.

18 months prior to this I’ve lived the life of luxury in my own apartment, carving a life I love with my minimalistic rooms, a wardrobe or 2 to myself and pretty much just pleasing myself however I like which mostly involves watching VLOG’s and  TV at the same time whilst I’m eating dinner, and leaving the remnants of my clothes during the working week on my bedroom floor where they remain until the weekend. I’m busy, OK.

So, from going from 0-60 within a day and never properly experiencing anything in between, I was both apprehensive, but totally excited at the prospect of it. Am I an adult now?

4 weeks later, this is how it’s gone down. (Please note that I do write this in jest, but I do love it really…)

The Bathroom

Do forgive me, but I didn’t realise I lived with a beached whale, the bath mat is SOAKED after every god damn shower. I used to be able to go weeks without washing the bath mat, and I’m just like how does it even get that wet? HOW.

My pink bottle of expensive shampoo looks slightly squeezed, ‘you know my pink bottle in the bathroom, you haven’t used it have you?’ I call.  Just because it’s on the side, it doesn’t mean it’s there for you to use. It kills me. Yeah don’t worry babe, it only costs £20 a bottle and I’m sure you need a lot of conditioner for your hair.

*Get’s home from work* Why is there an empty toilet roll on the back of the toilet? So this is what you do, you pick it up and put it in the bin. Please explain what is so hard about that, huh?

Get up to go to the toilet in the night and fall into the toilet. No, I never turn the bathroom light on when I get up in the night, I expect the seat to be as I left it. God damn you.

The Snacks

The snacking at uni on full packets of biscuits and 4 x dominoes a week is slowly starting to come back to me now.

Sure, I’ve just eaten dinner but you’ve just offered me half a pack of chocolate malted milks, I’m not hungry but I’m certainly not the one to say no to that. Can I have another one?

Oh well, seeing as you’re going to have a pizza for tea I might as well too because it’s easier + less washing up. Why not, it’s been a long week. Every day.

‘I just picked this treat up for you from the shop!’. Why did you get that, I told you I’m not eating sweets, chocolate, and biscuits for the rest of my life’. *1 hour later* devours said treat, thanks so much for picking that up for me, it’s so nice of you.

The cupboards used to be bare, no temptations or treats in sight. The cupboards are now bulging with stuff and I’ll let you work out what my willpower is like if I could never have it in the house before…Pray for me.

The TV

You slowly start to fall into the impending tunnel of Netflix binges that you can’t get back up from. Sure, we could go for a walk and go outside, but watching the TV for 8 hours straight with the windows shut is far more enticing.

What do you mean you want to watch the football? That’s what the pub is for.

Admits he doesn’t enjoy Corrie, but he’s the first person to be glued to the screen on a Saturday watching the Corrie omnibus and asking me at every little thing that comes up what’s happened *insert eye rolling emoji*.

Do you mind if I continue to watch VLOG’s during dinner with the TV on too? Hey, why are you on your phone during dinner, put it away…


Jesting aside, it’s like that empty piece that’s been missing in my life has finally been filled.

I actually get to share my proper everyday life with the person that I love everyday, we get to eat together, we get to do the boring daily things together like getting ready for work and doing the food shop together. I get to watch him do the hoovering and take out the bins, I DON’T HAVE TO DO THAT ANYMORE.

I get to live with my best friend and it’s totally been the best month ever. OK, so it’s taken me a little while to adapt to the fact that the way I live is probably a little bit high maintenance, WHY did you use that bread board on the side? It’s for decoration ONLY.

Ok, I’m getting better at letting go a bit, because let’s face it, I can’t imagine I’m the easiest person to live with.. I just have high standards and there ain’t nothing wrong with that.

The best bit is that I no longer have to wave goodbye and say see you later on a Sunday evening and wait for weeks to see you again, to count down the days until I’ll see you and pray for the times to not come to an end when I am with you.

Life is now just the two of us and I wouldn’t have it any other way, they say the best things come to those that wait, and I couldn’t agree more. Because let’s face it, its only a matter of time before we can get a dog now. <3

Do you live with a boy? What pet hates drive you mad?