21 Things That Make Autumn The Best

things that make autumn the best

Imagine this. The ITV Harry Potter films have kicked off again on Saturday nights. It’s still sunny and warm outside, but you’re wrapped up in a dressing gown and lighting all the candles in sight. Your pizza is in the oven and you’ve already picked up a few munchkin pumpkins on your weekly shop. It’s September, and Autumn is upon us.

It’s coming.

Here’s 21 things that make Autumn the best.

1. PSL is on the menu again. You don’t even like it, but you claim you do and buy one for a photo because, basic autumn bitch has arrived <3

2.Oh yes, the Harry Potter weekly viewings on ITV are here and the countdown to Christmas is truly on.

3. The Lush Halloween and Christmas product launches. No doubt you’ve already *stumbled* across a spoiler of them, damn. Every year you say you’ll limit the amount you buy because £5 per bath bomb, but then you’re just like TAKE ALL MY MONEY.

4.Making the annual trip to Lidl for the biggest and cheapest pumpkins. Spending hours on Pinterest looking for carving ideas yet doing the same standard design you do every year. Uploading a photo to Insta once it’s done <3

5. Walking through the crunchy leaves. It’s bad luck if they’re in your path and you don’t crunch on them, right?

6.Buying and eating all the Halloween themed stuff in sight. It’s bulking season after all.

7. Hiding behind your sofa and turning off the lights in your house when you realise the trick or treaters are at the door and you ain’t got any haribo in for little Jonny.

8. Getting ridiculously excited for Halloween despite the fact that when it rolls around you’ll be doing the same thing that you do every night, slobbing on the sofa, with your hand in a bag of chocolate and watching Netflix on repeat.

9. The sweaty tash is a thing of the past and the season for hot chocolates and marshmallows is here. It’s your go to drink for the months Sep-Dec.

10.You’re secretly happy that the darker nights have rolled around and you no longer have to feel guilty for not enjoying the sunshine and light. Working and hibernating on repeat, oh yes, there’s no greater season at all.

11. That first breath of crisp, cold air on an Autumnal morning. There isn’t any other fresher and better way to wake yourself up.

12.Forget your coat, the dressing gown isn’t otherwise known as a house coat for no reason. YOU LIVE IN IT.

13.Putting your summer clothes away and getting your autumn wardrobe ready, cosy knits, boots, mustards, reds, tan, bobble hats, more knits, all the good stuff baby.

14. The vampy lipsticks that you’ve been continuing to wear throughout the summer are finally taking centre stage. Browns, purples, deep reds – it’s your time to shine gals.

15. TV is finally starting to look good. The ITV and BBC dramas are in full swing to get you through the dark days, and Christmas 24hour is back on. If you’re wondering when is an acceptable time to start watching Christmas films, it’s definitely round about now.

16.Cosy nights in that are just a bit of me as soon as September rolls around. Think blankets, cosy pjs, Hazza P and Pizza – so hyggelig.

17. Bonfire night. If you’re anything like me I just use it for a marker. A marker that when it’s over it’s OFFICIALLY CHRISTMAS FOLKS. Or if not, it’s quite nice admiring the bright lights of the city and fireworks from the warmth of your own home.


19. It’s like a kid in a candy shop when the Halloween products fill the stores. Yes that is a giant pumpkin that is bigger than a small child and yes I did just buy it. It’s halloween y’all.

20. Watching Hocus Pocus at least 9 times because the 16838 times you watched it in your childhood don’t count. You know the drill, it’s like watching Elf at Christmas, it gotta be done.

21. Santa, is that you? Because probably the greatest thing of all is that we’re on the way to Christmas and we’re gonna be crying at the newest John Lewis advert on our screens before we know it.

What else do you love about Autumn?

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