7 Reasons You Need To Visit Hitchin Lavender

hitchin lavender

Oh boy, this weekend has been one of my most special in 2018 and having wanted to visit Hitchin Lavender for what? I don’t know the last 1675 years, I was finally in Hitchin during the season that it was still almost purple, and very much ok for picking.

You’ll all know Hitchin Lavender as the place Hannah Gale had the cover shoot for Blogosphere and the destination that so many influencers have flocked to this summer. And you can see why, huh?

The season runs from the middle of June until the end of August so it’s a fairly short opening to visit in, but for obvious reasons. The lavender is probably at its most purple during July, we visited at the very end of the season, but it was still very much purple and smelt divine. As for the sunflowers, well, we had fun finding the ones that had smiley faces on and weren’t dead – but it was so much fun!

I literally had the best Sunday morning here, so I thought I’d share 7 reasons that you have to make a visit to Hitchin Lavender!

hitchin lavender

1. You’re A Lavender Lover

Well, obviously if you’re a lavender lover, where else would you want to visit! I’m sure there is, but I’m not familiar with any other lavender fields in the UK. In fact, at Hitchin Lavender they have around 25 miles of lavender rows to walk through and pick from.

The amount of rows when you arrive is staggering, the smell is like nothing else, and if you are a fan of the scent and taste then this is literally your dream destination. Cancel the flights to Paris.

Growing up, lavender has become such a comforting smell to me and I frequently buy lavender products including Sleepy from Lush because <3. Hitchin Lavender is an experience like no other, and it’s surely got to be on your bucket list whether you’re a super fan of the scent or not.

hitchin lavender

2. There’s Enough For Everyone!

Like I said, they have around 25 miles of lavender rows – it doesn’t matter how many people are visiting at the same time or how much you’re picking, we’re not even making a dent.

One of the other main reasons I wanted to visit was obviously for the amazing insta opportunities and I was worried about people being in the way or looking (I’m thinking of my insta boyfey here). Despite there being a fair number of people picking on a Sunday morning there was literally NO ONE near us. There is honestly so many rows and you can walk as far over as you want. There’s so many tourist attractions that you end up on top of people and it couldn’t have been farther from that.

So, as far as Sunday mornings go it was as stress free and calm as possible. Even if you went at the height of season you’d still be able to get that insta shot without anyone in the way.

hitchin lavender

hitchin lavender

3. You Can Pick As Much As You Want

Well, as much as you can carry. When you pay at the entrance they give you a little paper bag to collect your lavender in and some scissors, there’s no instructions given, it’s literally ‘you can pick what you want’. You pay £6 for entrance and that’s it which I think is SO reasonable and affordable when you compare it to other picking farms.

You can pick from whatever lavender row you want and even towards the end of the season it was mostly all good enough to pick still, the hardest bit is deciding which bits to cut and how far down you cut it off.

You can even cut off the sunflowers to take home too, unfortunately most were dead as we went right at the end of the season, they still provided the cutest photo opportunity though.

hitchin lavender

hitchin lavender sunflowers

4. There’s No Beating Around The Bush, It’s 10/10 Instagrammable

SO many photo opps. Even if you don’t arrive early, there is SO much space, literally knock yourself out. Even your Insta bf/gf/wifey won’t mind, cos no one’s looking. I saw at least 2 people smashing out a full on photoshoot whilst we were there, and why the hell not?

The lavender fields and sunflowers (preferably not dead) make the perfect backdrop. You honestly can’t look bad in them. I totally didn’t buy a new t-shirt the day before just for the photos, nah.

hitchin lavender sunflowers

5. There’s Sunflowers Too

The party doesn’t stop when you’re done with picking lavender, at the end of the lavender rows they also have rows upon rows of sunflowers. Your face will be full of sunshine and happiness after mixing with them and the photo opps are endless.

I would have loved to have picked them if they hadn’t already gone past their time so it’s definitely worth going at the start to mid season when they’re open to see them in their full glory. It reminded me of when my sister and I used to grow them in the garden when we were little and they were taller than us, they’re such a happy and nostalgic flower.

hitchin lavender sunflowers

hitchin lavender sunflowers

hitchin lavender tea room

6. It Has The Most Delicious Tea Room

Oh, the cakes. It only felt right to choose the honey and lavender cake, and oh sweet jesus it tastes like the smell of lavender and it should be so wrong, but it’s just perfectly right. The seating outside gives you the perfect view of the lavender fields and perfect opportunity to spot every doggo that comes into the vicinity, just sayin’.

10/10 tea room that just gave me all the feels for a wonderful morning.

hitchin lavender harvesting lavender 7. It Smells Incredible

THE SMELL. The harvest of lavender had started whilst we were these and the smell of this little pile above was UNREAL. They sell their own ranges of products with lavender in in their farm shop and it’s just the nicest thing ever.

I read in their little museum (also v worth a look) that when they’re fully harvesting they have to wear masks because the smell is so overpowering, let’s face it tho, that’s a dream job right?

My suitcase smelt and still does smell of lavender after housing my lavender stash on my journey home, and I think it might be my favourite thing ever.

hitchin lavender

Have you visited Hitchin Lavender before or been to a similar place? Would you like to visit?

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