Duvet Covers For A Peaceful Summer Bedroom

My bedroom is anything but peaceful right now as the heat wave continues. When Love Island ends and I make my way to bed at 10pm, it goes something like this…

Under the covers, too hot. Over the covers, not cosy. WAIT, IS THAT A MOTH. Turn the lights on, check for said moth. Can’t find moth. Scroll on Instagram now I’ve been disturbed. DEFINITELY FELT A MOTH FLY PAST MY FACE. Absolutely sweating. Worry that I’ll swallow moth in my sleep. AND, repeat. You then realise an hour has passed and you’re still not asleep, must sleep. You then wake up at 2am and realise that somehow you must have fallen asleep…

Sound familiar?

Sleeping during the summer can be such a hurdle and I think creating a calming ambience and bringing in some high quality Yorkshire Linen’s  duvet covers & bedding is the perfect way to achieve a peaceful bedroom for summer in no time.

Catherine Lansfield Boston Check Blue Duvet Cover Set

If this doesn’t scream a summer picnic I don’t know what will! I find chequered patterns such a lovely summery and fresh pattern. Blue is renown for creating a calm and peaceful ambience and this duvet set combines natural cotton and polyester that provides such a cosy feeling come bedtime.

Renaissance White – Duvet Cover Set

There really is nothing better than white crisp sheets and they will always be my go to for the seasons because they are fuss free, perfect for flatlays and they provide the perfect foundations for hundreds of cushions that just get thrown on the floor before you sleep.

I love the delicate edges of these pillow cases too. I just find white such a calming colour too and needless to say, it will go with the decor in any home.

Catherine Lansfield – Pom Pom – Blush – Duvet Cover Set

And the most perfect (AND ME) duvet cover set goes to this one. I can just see this going with my copper bed frame like butter goes with toast. Blush pink in my opinion is perfect for every month of the year, but there’s something about spring and summer that pastels just go hand in hand with them. This duvet cover set would look perfect with greys and whites.

Catherine Lansfield Cactus Duvet Cover Set

My love affair with cactus’ has no end and I think this cactus bedding has such a fresh look and feeling to it, I’m totally feeling these tropical vibes and it would look so good in a bedroom for the summer. I love duvets that can be worn two ways and the reverse side reveals a beautiful pale blue that looks great turned back like the picture below. I feel calmer just looking at it!

As well as bringing some beautiful duvets and bedding into your home to create a peaceful bedroom, here are some of my other tips for helping you sleep during the warm weather;

-It goes without saying that clean, fresh bedding instantly makes your room feel more peaceful and those sleeps always are the best for me!

– Leaving your windows wide open up until you sleep really helps to cool down your bedroom.

-Using a lavender pillow spray to help keep you calm and send you off into a sweet sleep. My fave is the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray.

-Leaving a fan or a water spray by your bed, I just use my water spray for my plants lol. It’s such a quick way to cool you off when you’re feeling really hot.

-Wear summer PJs that are loose and comfortable, and socks are a total no no for me in the summer.

-Switching off my phone 30 minutes before bed and reading a book instead helps me to wind down and switch off, this always helps me fall asleep quicker whatever season it is.

What helps you sleep during the summer months?

*This post has been written in collaboration with Yorkshire Linen, but as always, all opinions are 100% my own.

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