What Is DA (Domain Authority) & 4 Ways You Can Increase It

how to increase domain authority

If you happen to be part of the 1% of the blogging population that is still battling through the the throng of ‘BLOGGING IS DEAD THO’ posts then HI. You wanna know what Domain Authority (DA) is and most importantly, how you can increase it.

Before I get into the nitty gritty, you may be wondering what is DA? Do I need to know about it?

What Is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is basically your blog or websites search engine ranking, this is calculated on a number of factors which I’ll come onto shortly. I always check mine on SEO Review Tools, but if you google DA checker on google there is loads of other sites that you can use too.

Over the years I have been blogging, the importance of DA, in my opinion, isn’t what it once was. In the very early days of blogger outreach it was everything, but now, just because your DA is 30 that firstly doesn’t mean your engagement is good, if you have any, it could even be someone who just posts sponsored posts every single day that people don’t even want to read. Boring.

But what you do need to know is that content is king, and it’s ultimately at the heart of everything you need to be doing to send google all the right signals.

A lot of people ask me ‘why has my DA suddenly dropped?’ or ‘how can I quickly increase it?’. SEO and improving your DA is not an overnight thing, let’s just get that straight. It is a long term game. Just like weight loss, you need to be consistent and stick at it to see the results. And well, if you do, then you will reap the results.

My DA currently sits around 25 which I’m pretty happy with, it’s certainly taken a few years to get to this place. I say ‘sits around’ because it does fluctuate along with what I’m doing on my blog. Along with my self taught knowledge and SEO expertise from the workplace, here are 4 proven ways that will help you increase your Domain Authority.

01. Quality Content

I noticed a real shift in my DA when I moved away from my original style OOTD posts where I would probably write about 300 words about the outfit.

Once I made the switch to long form content that was about a subject rather than a cute skirt my DA dramatically inctreased. Why? I was providing a much meatier bit of content (mostly over 800 words – quantity is not always better mind), it was quality/relatable content, my bounce rate decreased and people were staying on my blog for longer. As well as this, it was on subject topics that people were actually searching for on google.

How To’s, DIY’s, Tutorials all answer questions that people search for on a daily basis, there are always questions waiting to be answered. Who knows, if google thinks your content is really relatable you might even make it into their holy grail snippet box.

Whilst you don’t have to change your whole writing style, writing for topics, increasing your word count and providing unique quality content is doing everything you need to do to fuel googles belly. It probably is the most important part in your quest to increasing your DA.

Planning blog post titles in advance will ensure you keep churning out good content that will hopefully be ranked on google. Answer The Public is a great tool where you can search one keyword and it will provide you with a whole host of related keywords that people are searching for on google.

02. Consistent Posting

I’ll tell you what really grinds my gears, people that moan and wonder why their DA doesn’t move yet they only blog once a month or once a week. Well, there you go then. Google loves nothing more than fresh, unique and exciting content to churn through and you need to be providing it.

Consistency is key in a lot of things, and without tying your new quality content in with consistency, one can’t work without the other. And the reason we so often see fluctuations in our DA is that bloggers are certainly not always consistent. I’ll find myself blogging 4 times a week and then only once a week for a month. Life happens, so DA changes happen too.

Consistent posting means that this also provides you with more content and links to share and intwine whilst helping to increase traffic to your site.

03. Broken Links

It’s the job we all love to hate, broken links. I usually schedule this bad boy in for the lull between Christmas and New year, every year, whether you like it or not, its got to be done to provide your readers with a user friendly experience.

Broken links are essentially pages you’ve linked to that are not there anymore, cue the 404 error. So if like me you do a lot of outfit posts and beauty reviews you’ll have likely linked to a lot of items that are no longer in stock or are discontinued. Whilst some websites have a good redirect system in place, a lot don’t.

I use Free Broken Link Checker to check my broken links and then I do the tedious task of going through them all, I usually delete the link completely or link it to a category on the site instead so you can prolong your readers journey.

The reason broken links are detrimental to your blog is that you’re essentially taking people away from your blog and sending them to a place that doesn’t exist, this rings alarm bells for google as it’s not providing readers/customers with a flawless experience. FIX THE LINK.

04. Internal & External Link Building

The great thing about writing high quality and shareable content means that it’s so easy to share it again and link it in with other posts.

Rule one is that you need to create some really strong internal links to your content, I always try to link to at least one old post in the new post that I’m writing, but between 2-3 will help to form a strong internal linking system.

Your anchor text is SO important too, whether its your own link or to another site, never use anchor text for a link such as Click Here, nah uh. Click here doesn’t tell google anything, its not informative, it’s bad for the user, accessibility and SEO. Now, if you’re interested in DA you’ll definitely want to read about how to use google analytics effectively for your blog too. That reads naturally and it tells you exactly what you need to know about the content that I’m linking to. For example, instead of saying ‘Click Here’ you could naturally mention this article on ‘domain authority’. BOOM, it’s mentioned without you even knowing I did it!

As well as creating a strong internal link system within your site, you want to gain external links back to your blog too. This can be done in so many ways, by creating quality, shareable content, guest blogging, collaborating with brands, being featured by others blogs etc etc – sharing the love basically. Its a two way thing, I always try to link people I mention for usability too, and to help a blogger pal out. If you do anything, join the Bloggers DA Builder Group on Facebook – there are so many opportunities to do link insertions and exchanges, and it’s one of the best ways to boost your DA quickly.

And if there’s a reason to link, always link. If there isn’t, find one. Naturally OBV.

Do you have any other tips for increasing your DA?

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