11 Fun Things To Do This Bank Holiday Weekend

Well, Hello 3 day weekend. You sexy little thing you. I like you a lot.

In the interest of living in the moment and making the most of every little second these days, I’m going to try and squeeze as much out of the weekend, as well as making some time for myself.

If you want to do something a little different like not ordering a dominos for one weekend of your life like me, this one is for you.

1. Breakfast In Bed

Who wants to sit at their dining table with their standard bowl of porridge on a weekend, not me. These days I can’t be bothered with the effort of making pancakes from scratch, I really don’t like washing up, OK. When it’s just you to cook for too, it’s justifiable.

I much prefer hitting up the bakery aisle of Lidl for croissants and jam, or popping into Waitrose if I’m feeling flush, only £9.79 for a pack of 2. Breakfast in bed is such a treat and a perfect start to the day. That’s what weekends are about.

2.Netflix Binge

Nothing says bank holiday weekend like I watched an entire series in an afternoon. It gotta be done.

3. Potter Around Your Home

Is there anything nicer than pottering around at home? It shouldn’t just be reserved for those days after you’re recovering from illness. Just because it’s Bank Holiday it doesn’t mean you physically have to go outside to enjoy yourself. There’s no feeling nicer than chilling at home and doing bits and bobs in the house. I’ve changed.

4.Board Game Evening

When the evenings are lighter I feel like I have to make the most of it, but I’m actually a home bird and do enjoy staying at home over going out these days. Grab the board games and invite your friends over, it warrants all the snacks too.

5. Drive Somewhere

Get in the car and drive somewhere you haven’t been before. Living in Plymouth I’m so spoiled at the surrounding places I *could* visit in Devon and Cornwall. Not sure where to go? I usually scroll through peoples food pictures on Insta before it seals the deal on where I’m going. Priorities.

6.Get Some Instagram Content

Weekends are for putting your phone away BUT they’re also for getting some decent fodder for Instagram. Not sure what to take pictures of? Buy something new or go out for food, specifically for the gram. I’d never do anything like that.

7. Watch The Sunset

Proof that every day ends perfectly. They’re saying it’s going to be a beaut weekend so hit the outdoors and get ready for the sunset, it’s the perfect glow down for getting some pretty photos too.

8. Buy A Newspaper or Magazine

What’s nicer than diverting your attention from a screen to buying something in actual print and devouring it over a pot of tea and biscuits. Count me in.

9.Have A Spring Clean

If you’re anything like me, your house is like a shit pit by the time Friday evening rolls round. Is there anything more satisfying than writing a cleaning list and working through it? Get it out of the way at the start of the weekend and it makes relaxing at home so much nicer.

10. Dress Up & Get Cocktails

Be fancy for an evening. Dress up to the nines and get cocktails and fancy snacks and fake it till you make it. Or prosessco. Whatever floats your boat. Bank holidays don’t happen that often.

11. Treat Yourself

I’m already planning an ASOS haul for tomorrow night and wot? Your gal is organised. Weekends are for treating yourself, especially fancy ones which are 3 days. You deserve it.

What do your plans involve for the Bank Holiday weekend?

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