First Quarter Review of 2018

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I think the above tells you how my first quarter had ended, huh?

How different a chapter can conclude to how it started. The first 3/4 months of the year have possibly been the most turbulent in my whole life. But as I said at the start of 2018, change was imminent.

I’ve read a few bloggers quarterly reviews and looking back on their 2018 goals which I loved, and I thought it would be a good idea for me to remember what I planned at the start of the year and consolidate what has actually happened. And if there’s anything I’m still aiming to do, then lets do it!

Okay, so lets back track to the 1st January when I shared my 9 things for 2018. However, once the year had started it only took me 10 days to realise how shitty things were and I posted about why it’s OK to not know what you want from 2018. V accurate. 1st January I didn’t have a clue, it was only 10 days later that I realised things needed to change, and that is the best thing to come out of 2018. Knowing I deserved better and knowing I HAD to come out of my comfort zone to get what I want from life.

Before I delve into the initial goals I set myself, I wrote this in the second post;

‘I don’t want to be in this position in 6 months time and wonder why I’m still here and haven’t achieved the 56th resolution on my list. Neither do I want to compare myself to someone else with similar skills who got a job promotion and I didn’t.’

OMG, YES! I love me <3 – and in these moments of reading back over that I know I’ve done what I wanted to do. I’m out of the worst work situation I could possibly be in and I’ve taken control of my life again.

Among other things and reading The Secret (great book btw, it completely changes your mindset on life), I literally could not care less about what ‘other people’ are doing anymore. It’s taken me a really long time to realise this, but I’m so happy and positively focusing on my own actions and next stage in my career that I don’t need to absorb anyone elses anymore.

So really, despite the shittiest start to the year, I’ve already completed 2018 in some ways, eh? Getting out of my comfort zone was my no 1 goal for the year and I’ve done it!

So, to humour my naive and rather cliche goal setter persona on the 1st Jan, let’s quickly glaze over my initial 9 goals and whether I’ve ticked them off yet..

Plymouth fashion blogger

1.Diet Changes

LOL. To be fair to myself I actually did have a whole month sugar free, more or less, but I was going through a hard time at work anyway and was actually utterly miserable, without nice food I felt like I had nothing to look forward to.

Work created a huge amount of stress which actually affected my stomach more than I ever thought it could, and in the 2 weeks I have been free of my old job, I’m honestly feeling the best I have in months, years even.

I’m definitely eating more sensibly and try to be as sugar free as possible on the weekdays, but I’m certainly not denying myself of life’s deliciousness, life is too short to not have that Pizza.

2. Less Digital Time

Also, LOL. I did have a week off in January which really helped, and downloading Moment app that tracks how long you spend on your phone each day averages me out at about 4 hours a day, and what?

You can take the girl away from social media, but you can’t take social media out of the girl. It’s what makes me who I am and I actually enjoy it, but I definitely have started to put my phone down more when I’m with my bf and friends. Small wins.

3. Learn Something New

I’m gonna be a photoshop pro by the end of the year. I also tried my hand at calligraphy. Must learn more by the end of the year.

4. Up My Blogging Game

Well, I’ll let my readers answer that. I’ve been off the ball slightly with my life changes and events that have been going on, but I feel like I’ve really identified my voice and what I enjoy writing about this year. I’ve also got my Working Girl series up and running now which I feel so passionate about. I have however got past 2,900 followers on Instagram at last, boo-yah.

5. Be more Active

YASSS. I’ve been walking more than ever alongside swimming in the week and it feels good! If you find the sport you love it’s never a chore.

6. Get A Skincare Routine

Not happening. I paid over £30 for a glossier set at the beginning of the year, because cute, but realistically my skin doesn’t work with anything apart from my current basic skincare routine.

I’ve had the worst skin in years recently and I’ve really had to strip it back. A lot can be said for fancy skincare routines as most of the time over working your skin with high end, expensive and fragrant products actually does more harm than good.

7. Self Care

My self care routine involves more than just 4 baths a week now, along with taking control of my life, I’m taking control of my wellbeing too. It’s not a choice, it’s a way of life, and I’m feeling so much better for it.

8. Cut The Toxic, Unsupportive People Out Of My Life

DONE. I also didn’t realise the effect that people at my old work were having on me, when you’re in such a toxic environment already you just don’t see it.

FREE yourself of the people that are only there for you when something goes wrong, how many people actually stick around and congratulate you when you’re at your best? Those are the ones you don’t need in your life. It’s the best thing I have ever done!

9. Give Blood Again

The intentions were there, I went about a month ago, but my arm started to bruise straight away so they had to stop, the reality is that I am slim and I’m prone to bruising because my veins are so close to muscle, so unfortunately I’m going to have to put this on the back burner for a little while.

So, that’s currently where I’m at! How did your first quarter go?

The next quarter is going to be amazing, I have a special feeling.

Plymouth fashion blogger

Plymouth fashion blogger

Plymouth fashion blogger

Plymouth fashion blogger

Jumper – Topshop

Rosebud Full Skirt* – Joy The Store

Bag – Boohoo

Boots – Miss Selfridge via ASOS

Photographer: Brett Ball

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