March To Do List

march flatlay

I’m that meme that goes around for every month of the year from February. I’ve decided my 2018 starts in March. January and February were my free trial months. And I am NOT continuing that membership, nuh uh.

It’s been a challenging start to the year to say the least BUT I really believe that something good can be taken out of every situation, and with that I have.

March is going to be a really exciting month for me, an end of an era, the start of new beginnings. I’m going to be a bit vague about why for a little while, just until the dust settles at least…

To help get myself ready for a new chapter of my life I’m going to be doing a lot of things for ME.

Here’s what’s on the agenda for this month.

01. Taking Time Out

The way that things have worked out, I’ve got a little bit of annual leave left. So I have the next 3 Friday’s off work to make those weekends a little bit longer and I have one FULL week off at the end of the month, to do nothing. When you’re trying to maximise 20 days holiday every year, let me tell you that you never take annual leave knowing you have no plans.

I can’t remember the last time I didn’t have plans for time off, which is exciting, but also a bit scary. I never let myself relax, it’s not in my DNA. Like it literally isn’t. I’m so wired up with plans and work all the time that I don’t ever allow myself to be bored.

Taking time out for nothing, whether its mooching around, writing some blogs or sitting in a coffee shop by myself is what I need in order to switch that reset button. The last two months have seriously taken their toll on my mental and physical health.

I’m already feeling like a new woman after a day and a half off, but my body still needs more, and that’s probably the most exciting thing about my March. Ngl.

02. A Trip To London

I’m going to be spending a few days for Easter in London (well, Hitchin mostly, but who’s asking?). I’m going with a purpose to get a pair of sunglasses, lol.

I’m probably going to be spending a day shopping by myself before going on to James’ house in Hitchin. I haven’t really done any travelling out of Plymouth this year with everything that has been going on. I also haven’t wanted to.

Every weekend has been spent exhausted and flat out at home trying to recover, and getting back onto the train signifies that part of me that was lost at the start of the year. I’M BACK.

03. Get Back To ‘Regular’ Blogging

Along with my appetite and sleep, my motivation for anything other than lying on my sofa was plucked away from me. It’s proved harder than I thought to try and get some control on it again.

I have somehow still managed to get one post up a week, but I was consistently hitting the 3 posts a week mark right at the start of the year and this is still where I want to be.

As I’m starting to feel a little bit more like myself I can feel my motivation starting to return already, hence the 2 blog posts in 5 days. The next few Friday’s I have off work are going to really help me get back to my A game, and just like that, a bout of motivation came rushing back through my veins.

04. Start Reading Again

I can’t work out whether the Moment app actually makes the data up or is accurate, cos either way ya girl spent 5 hours on her phone in ONE day! Like how? That’s like nearly half of my waking day and I had been at work. lolz.

I seriously need to cut it down because I don’t even think that’s normal behaviour. Ugh. I don’t think it’s an excuse, but when I am bored I find myself reaching for my phone instead of paying attention to someone speaking to me or watching a TV programme.

I need to find that escape in a book again and get upset when I have to put the book down and wait until the morning to find out what happens next. Reading works wonders for me on holiday so I’m determined to read at least one book in March. How hard can it be?

What are you hoping for in March?