5 Things I Learnt After I Handed My Notice In

Isn’t it amazing what the human mind can learn in one week alone?

How everything starts fitting together like an almost insolvable puzzle in the moments you hold your hands up and say you’re done.

In the week I handed my notice in, some things were apparent. Lessons that can only be learnt from life experiences, the light bulb moment that I was like YES. I finally get it.

You guessed it, it’s the first in my Working Girl series, and I’m only just getting started. I have 3 whole years to catch you up on!

01. Just Because You’re A CEO It Doesn’t Mean You’re Good At Your Job

Pretty upset it’s taken me 25 years to realise this one. But it’s as clear as day to me now.

I used to think that if your title was CEO, Director, Manager etc etc that this = amazing, highly skilled, important, clever person, business depends on you sort of thing.

What utter shit that is. Your job role does not always dictate your level of intelligence or how good you are in a job.

You can still be a CEO and not having a f***ing clue! You see it everywhere, people that can’t manage their own staff, don’t understand the industry they’re working in and not operate on the same level of their employees.

To be a good CEO or manager, you firstly need to be in all the time. You need to know what’s going on on the floor on a daily basis and actually value your employees, reply to their emails and get stuff done.

More doing, less saying.

Now just because you’re an assistant or work in admin for example, this doesn’t make you any less of a person, if you truly believe in yourself and know your worth, the sky is the limit, quite literally.

02. The Grass Isn’t Always Greener

We have this rammed down our throats at every chance people get. I even had this one spouted to me on the day I handed my notice in, hahahah. Are you having an actual laugh?

The grass is greener and I’m going there. Stat.

This saying is completely and utterly flawed. It’s there to keep people in their all too bloody comfy ruts and situations. The fear of change and things not being better tormenting us. So, we stay. But if we stay, how will we ever know?

If you truly believe the grass is greener, it will be.

The world is waiting to be explored and the opportunities waiting to be absorbed are endless. You’re capable of what you put your mind to, you’re capable of great things outside your comfort zone.

03. The People That Always Say They’re Busy

Absolute classic. The people in the office that always say they’re busy are actually the ones that haven’t got a fat lot on. I’ve never been too busy for anything. When the receptionist would rather watch videos all day I was answering calls for 6 months alongside my actual workload, everyone else was TOO BUSY to help out.

The ‘too busy’ pretence, makes them feel like they’re superior, the only ones busy in the office and think that I’m only taking the calls because I have nothing else to do.

I never complained. I always had far too much on my plate, but I always helped out. Never said I was too busy for something and just made it work. This further reiterates my place within the company as the ‘coat stand’ – just dump your shit on me because I don’t have a choice, lol.

If you have the time to make a thing that you’re too busy, you’re f***ing not love.

04. Meetings All Day = Highly important, More Productive? Nah.

I always imagined that being in meetings all day meant you were of high importance, super busy and just WOW, much good.

The first few months were like me pressing my nose up against the glass, one day imagining I would be in them. V productive and conducive to the working environment.

Well, that was an over fabrication in my head too. The people that sit in meetings ALL day are the ones that get nothing done.

If you have to have a meeting for every single little thing then sorry, but you’re going wrong somewhere in your life. People also use it as an excuse to ‘be working, but also not working at the same time’.

Don’t get me started on people who make a thing that they’re ‘working through lunch’.

LESS talking, MORE doing, Quite simple really.

05. The Bullshitter

Okay, so I think I’ve nailed this one in the last year or so, but a very important lesson to take away with me.

You can spot the bullshitter a mile off. The one that NEVER looks you in the eye, the one that tiptoes around the area, the one that cannot face confrontation or give you a straight answer. That is said bullshitter.

You’ve probably come across them at some point after having to pick up the pieces they’ve strewn across the floor. Trying to unravel the lies they have fed.

They’ll always be treading in water. Struggling to get to the surface, but not quite sinking below, yet, anyway.

Never trust someone that doesn’t look you in the eye, someone who makes themselves look like they’re taking notes when they’re in fact scribbling lines, talks about ‘big plans’ but never says what they actually are, and when a client says ‘but X said’ – you don’t need to question it anymore.

Be aware of the bullshitter, catch them out if you can and question them, but if you’re like me, you’ll avoid them completely. You know who they really are.

SO grateful for the knowledge I learnt in my last 6 weeks of my EX job. Being a coat stand is utter shit, but it also gives you the best location in the house to see all the comings and goings.