Calligraphy & Afternoon Tea – The Perfect Sunday

calligraphy workshop Boringdon HallAm I right that a morning of Calligraphy AND afternoon tea = the best day ever? A Sunday well spent brings a week of content and all of that.

Last Sunday I headed along to Boringdon Hall for the first of their Calligraphy workshops and afternoon tea. I cannot tell you how long I have wanted to try Calligraphy for, and the fact that I owed my Mum a late Christmas present too worked out pretty well.

We started the workshop at 10am, with NO knowledge of calligraphy and I left being able to do more than draw a line with a nib and ink, and a desire to head straight for ebay to purchase a whole bunch of Calligraphy essentials.

I guess I was made for Calligraphy.


The Calligraphy workshop was hosted by Anon Design. A workshop that I have wanted to go to for soooo long, she has done workshop collabs with a florist a number of times that I always thought looked amazing.

The table was setup so beautifully for our arrival, with a pack of drills, a nib, ink and plenty of other supplies to test out our skills when we had a bit of practice.

We were left to make a start on the drills but had one to one help and pointers on our technique if we needed it. I felt like I was rubbish to begin with and I really struggled to grasp the idea that you hold the nib in a very different way as you would with a standard pen.

Many drills and sheets of paper later, I started to get a good grasp of Calligraphy. Soft on the upstroke and hard on the downstroke and all that, I was really doing it.

I am such a fan of quote cards and prints that are based on Calligraphy so it wasn’t too long before I was writing ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ and ‘Be Wild & Free’, I’m just so cliche and I know it. Once we were well practiced, we had the opportunity to write on something other than white paper, as well as being introduced to a whole plethora of other inks and pens. I was obviously drawn towards the copper ink.

I felt like during the 2 hour workshop I went in with no skills and left like I sort of knew what I was doing. We got to keep all of the ink, nib, notes and take what paper we wanted with us which I thought was great. It means that I can continue my Calligraphy writing without having to spend a lot on new supplies. My mum has already purchased some bits from Ebay so I’m really excited to get better and use my skills in some real life situations soon.

So that’s Calligraphy written gift tags and cards for every Christmas and Birthday for the next 20 years or so.

I’m definitely a Calligraphy convert and SO impressed with what I took away from her 2 hour workshop. I’m so tempted to book onto her evening course that she does at our local college later this year to improve my technique in my new found hobby that I actually love!

calligraphy workshop Boringdon Hall

calligraphy workshop Boringdon Hall

calligraphy workshop Boringdon Hall

Afternoon Tea

With an arm smudged in ink, we took ourselves up to the great hall for our afternoon tea. I had the most amazing Festive Themed Afternoon Tea at Boringdon Hall before Christmas, so I was super excited for my first experience of the year.

I’m a massive cake snob and would rather spend my weekends eating cake than entertaining anything else.

The service and atmosphere at Boringdon Hall is what makes it so relaxing. I could honestly have spent my whole afternoon there with tea and talking to the other ladies on the workshop who were all SO lovely. There was even another lovely blogger there that I had never met before and someone that I will hopefully see again at a blogger brunch in the future.

Boringdon Hall host a different themed afternoon tea every month so you can never not get bored of dining at Boringdon. This time we had their traditional afternoon tea which is their long standing go to. It’s firmly a favourite for a reason.

With enough scones, savoury treats and cakes to shake a stick at, this is clearly how to do a Sunday.

Eyes bigger than my belly sprang to mind, but luckily we could box up what was leftover and take home what we couldn’t *quite* finish.

2018 is the year for trying new things for me and I’m so grateful to have had the chance to finally scratch the surface on Calligraphy, meet a whole bunch of new people and do what I do best and eat more cake. 2018 I think you’re going to be a good one.

Fancy having a dreamy Sunday lined up like this too? Boringdon Hall have another upcoming Calligraphy workshop with Afternoon Tea on Sunday 13th May, it’s £65 per person which includes the cost of the afternoon tea. Limited places are available, and if you’re looking to dip your toes into the world of Calligraphy I would 100% recommend it to you!

afternoon tea Boringdon Hall

afternoon tea Boringdon Hall

afternoon tea Boringdon HallThank you to Boringdon Hall for inviting me down for the day, I’m a calligraphy convert.

Have you tried Calligraphy before?

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