How I Prep For My Blog Posts

how i prep for blog posts

To cut to the chase. Weekends. That’s pretty much how I prep and can continue to share as many blog posts as a I do. Oh, and the occasional evening when Coronation street hasn’t consumed me (pretty sure I’m the only person that still watches that).

But, it’s a question that I get asked a lot. How do I plan for my posts, if I do, and what sort of time goes into each one. Who takes my photographs for my posts? – Not those blurred, arm cut off, mouth open shots I openly share on my Twitter that my bf took of me. Those pictures are a great confidence booster at the best of times for me.

So how do I actually prep for my blog posts?

Post Title Planning

The first stage for me is planning titles in advance. Admittedly, this is sometimes the hardest part of it all. Finding a title that’s slightly different, has the potential to rank, interests you and you have something to say about it. Realistically, that narrows it down a lot.

Sometimes I’ll have light bulb moments, or an experience that I need to share, those are my favourite types of post as the words just flow and I don’t have to think about a thing.

For everything else, I plan. With a full time job and other commitments I wouldn’t be able to post so consistently without this, and a schedule of when I’m going to post what.

I have a notebook that I continually plan blog titles in. I have 2 big sessions a year where I create lots of different possibilities which I can draw from during the year. This makes it nice and easy when it comes down to writing them, and because of this, I don’t really suffer from writers block.

If you find something you’re passionate about and enjoy writing about then why would you? Motivation to actually write them is a whole different thing entirely, eh?


I *generally* like to have the pictures for the post ready before I start writing them. I’m traditional like that.

I don’t know why, but I just feel like it’s so much easier to write it, regardless to the fact that the photo actually has nothing to do with what I’m writing about.

For about 9 months of the year I HAVE to shoot all pictures on the weekend. If I don’t get a chance then I’ve missed the boat for the week. Is there any chance of having actually any daylight this winter, even on the weekends or nah?

I struggle so much with it that you’ll probably notice a few posts recently contain an Instagram photo I’ve already posted, but it works quite well for now. It just means I can’t reshare it on my Instagram.

That’s for flatlays. For outfit photos I have to firstly have a new outfit, that always helps. I then have to see if I can rope my mum, sister or bf in to take the photos, you’ll be pleased to know they’re always thrilled about this part. A coffee and cake bribe usually helps FYI.

As long as it’s daylight and not raining it’s a goer. And if not, the outfit shooting has to wait for one more week. This is the only thing that holds me back from blogging more. Weather and finding someone to take your pictures is SO hard. It’s incredibly frustrating, but that’s the real life of a fashion blogger who also works full time. Imagine the possibilities if I just blogged full time.

Once I’ve got the photos I’ll do a gentle bit of photo editing within my mac settings. Gurlll got no time or money for Photoshop, but after seeing bloggers before and after pictures of lightroom, I think I’m gonna have to invest this year, aren’t I?

The Content

My favourite part. It always has been.

Sometimes, just sometimes when I come up with those lightbulb post ideas I can smash out a blog post in 30 minutes sat on the sofa in my happy place. I like those.

But for other posts that I pre plan, the content could take anywhere from 40 minutes to 2 hours to write.

Posts that take the most planning are Wishlist style/ sale buys as it takes ages collating the links, creating the images etcccc. I also find the same with reviews, which is why I rarely write them anymore as I don’t have the passion and same drive to write them.

That’s why my content has changed so much in the last 6 months. I write about what I like. Not what I THINK people will like or the fact I was sent a pot of hand cream for free in return for a review. Boy, that’s made such a difference.

I’ll usually do about 3 proof reads once it’s ready to go as I’m one of those people that feels physically sick at grammatical errors on Twitter, sorry not sorry.

We’re then good to go! Once the blog has been submitted into the blogosphere you gotta hope someone actually reads it and start plugging your post away on every known social media platform known to man.

The life of a blogger does not end past writing that blog post. It’s a continual stream of writing, producing, creating, promoting and well, doing what you love.

How do you prep for blog posts?

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