I’ve Migrated To WordPress & I Have A New Design!

Plymouth blogger

Oh, Hey. Not only have I managed to tick one of my 2018 blogging goals off within the first week, my blogs also had a little refresh.

So, making that giant leap of faith from blogger to WordPress was a scary one. I have over 500 blog posts from 4 years of blogging. I started on blogger, it existed when google friend connect was still a thing.

There was a lot of things stacking up in the back of my head that would always stop me from making the move. Plus, I also wouldn’t have a clue where to start. What could go wrong, eh?

It’s only really been within the last 2 months I started to seriously consider doing it. At work I predominately work on WordPress for our websites blogs, I feel like my blog is in a really strong place at the moment and blogger is far too restrictive for my goals and plans for my blog in the next year.

I guess you could say I outgrew blogger.

Have you also ever seen someone advertise a service to migrate a blog from WordPress to blogger? lollll. And that is your answer.

It was New Years Eve that I stumbled on a tweet from Pipdig advertising 40% off WordPress migrations and if anyone is enticed by a sale, it’s me. The rest was history.

My previous blogger design was from Pipdig and I honestly wouldn’t use anyone else for my blog designs now, well, unless I could actually do more than make text bold. They’re 100% easy to install for the least tech savvy, and they offer continual support if you need it.

Along with my migration I picked out the Holly and Weave WordPress design which is still in working progress. There are still a few tweaks that I’ll be making over the next couple weeks to make it look perfect.

But in the meantime I Just wanted to say HEY, it’s still me before you start reading my other posts and wonder why you’re not still seeing posts from 2 years ago on my popular posts widget.

You’ll notice quite a few changes within the design so far. My favourite and most notable is the click to read more. I get fed up spending 3 minutes scrolling down the page to the next blog. I like to be drawn in by snippets and enticing titles, and it fits a lot more of my new content onto one page.

There’s also a few new additions, like the category pictures underneath my scrolling blog posts and Instagram takes centre stage at the footer too. If that’s not motivation to consistently start taking whiter and brighter images I don’t know what is.

I’m loving the new professional design to my blog (and the capabilities of WordPress) and I feel like we’re ready to start bossing 2018 now. Over and out team.