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The only thing that is certain in those days between Christmas and New Years is that continual depleting pile of rations. Biscuits, chocolates, sweets, cheeses. They’ll be part of your daily routine at least once, or twice.

This year is the first year I’ve had no plans in the ‘in between’ time, and you know what? I bloody love it. No one to see, no one to please and I don’t have to go out of the house if I don’t want to.

You see, I really wanted a shutdown this year. This year has been manic, exhausting, but incredibly rewarding. So this time is now for me, to regroup for the year ahead and get ready for my shit to be together come January 1st. But we all know really, that those resolutions don’t start until the 2nd, right? One extra day to finish up those boxes of biscuits should be enough.

Anyway, here’s 11 little things I’m gonna be working hard on in 2018.

1. Diet Changes

Changing my diet in the new year is going to be 100% my priority, if you read my relationship with food post you’ll know how ill my favourite foods have been making me recently.

The measurable changes I’m making are that I’m going to be removing dairy completely from my diet for the first month (at least) to see if there are notable differences, and if it helps my asthma too.

I totally get the everything in moderation and we shouldn’t ‘restrict’ ourselves, but there is no middle ground with me. It’s either the whole pack of biscuits or nothing. I’ll be following a pancreas friendly diet from January which is basically fruit, veg and pulses. YAY ME. So I’ll be saying bye to dominos, crisps, chocolate and cake for a little while.

Because of this I’m going to be learning to cook one different meal a week, and I’ve already been busy pinning recipes. This will be the first time I’ve properly got myself onto this diet so I’m honestly so excited to see the results, and ya know, to actually feel well!

The first few weeks of going cold turkey on sugar should be fun!

2. Less Digital Time

Haha that was also one for 2017. lol. I mean, I did have one whole week off, and 24 hours off on Christmas Day

I’m talking about regular evenings off from 7pm, mornings where I read or watch TV rather than scroll past influencers promoting the same bottle of fake tan. But also weekends where I completely disconnect with it, because I can.

Less digital time makes me happy, so I’m going to actually be proactive in doing it more this year. It means more time to do things I love, so why wouldn’t I?

3. Learn Something New

I’m bloody cliche and I know it. As nerdy as I sound, I get so driven to learn something new, I’ve always loved learning languages and having something new to focus my efforts on.

I haven’t decided what that new thing is yet, but it will probably be to pick up where I left off with Finnish and Spanish whether that’s online or with my little pal duolingo.

4. Up My Blogging Game

Your gals got big blogging plans for 2018. I’m already in the midst of planning new content for 2018, and my action points for the year.

In short, I’ll be blogging more, more lifestyle content which I love to write, more self promotion, actually host a blogging workshop and up my blog photography as I say I’ll do every year. No biggie. Getting past 2,900 followers on Instagram would be real nice too.

5. Be More Active

It’s not like I’m not already active, I swim around 3-4 times a week, on a good week. But sitting at a desk all week is me just waiting to be carted away with diabetes or a DVT.

I’m going to be making small changes like walking to the toilet downstairs at work rather than the one on my level. Have a morning sea walk before breakfast once a week. Walk to town instead of drive (which I often do) and maybe clean more too, that’s exercise eh?

These small changes are all I want to add on, as they’re achievable and honestly won’t take any time out of my day.

6. Get A Skincare Routine

For the last 10 years I kid you not my resolution has been to stop picking my spots. Firstly, why am I a 25 year old woman and still getting spots and 2) why do I STILL pick them, and never learn.

To stop myself looking like a Margherita pizza next year I’m hoping that my new diet will drastically help. The key area that is always congested is the space between my eyes, apparently this area is to do with your liver which is great, right.

I’ll also be trying to have one makeup free day per month and obviously to have some sort of skincare routine. I want to invest in some high end cleansers and toners and even use a fancy muslin cloth to take my makeup off with. How often do you have to wash them tho? Asking for a friend.

It could go either way, but I’m hoping with a new skincare routine which doesn’t involve face wipes, cotton wool and a drop of cleanser will really help.

7. Self Care

I’m ending the year feeling in a much better place than the start of the year, and whilst I still get down days, I know how to deal with them now. And you know what, it’s okay to not feel okay sometimes.

I think I’ve been pretty good at making time for myself this year, so I want my self care routine and self love to continue and grow in 2018. YOU ARE NO1.

8. Cut The Toxic, Unsupportive People Out of My Life

See ya. Whilst my ‘friends I’m leaving in 2017‘ post may or may not have rattled some feathers, I DID IT. Why do we find ourselves holding back in situations when we know our own worth.

I’ve read about it for years about cutting the unsupportive and happiness sucking people out of your life, but I’ve never had the guts to do it.

2018 is firmly the year of happiness for me. The year that I’m not taking shit from anyone anymore. What does it leave me with? Loyal, good friends that I can count on one hand, and ones that I know will always be there for me. A 2 way friendship, where friendship works both ways.

9. Give Blood Again

One of my proudest moments of 2017 was giving blood for the first time. That feeling you get when you receive the text to say where your blood has been administered to is like nothing else.

It’s one of the most selfless and nicest things you can do, if you can. I wanted to give blood again last year, but with winter colds and my asthma playing up I needed to look after myself first and foremost.

With my pancreas flare ups rearing their head at the moment, once my new diet has got me feeling a lot better I want to book in again and give blood. I can give blood every 4 months, so I’d like to try and donate twice in 2018.

What are you most excited about bossing in 2018?

Plymouth fashion blogger

Plymouth fashion blogger

Plymouth fashion blogger

Plymouth fashion blogger

Jumper – Primark

Joni Jeans – Topshop

Boots – Miss Selfridge via ASOS

Bag – River Island (similar from Skinny Dip)

Beret – Vintage Market (similar from La Redoute)

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