5 of My Fave Self Care Books

self care books

Apparently, books serve more purpose than just being pretty coffee table books. Even though these books *may* have been selected on the basis of their insta friendly front cover, these reads have provided me with so much more than just a v cute photo.

I started to amount my little collection when I moved out last March, and since then I’ve dipped into the pages of these books for a little bit of warmth and reassurance. I think self care is going to be even bigger in 2018 – and these 5 of my fave books will help you up your self care and remove the stress of trying to find something to take an Instagram picture of. Thank me later.

1.14,000 Things To Be Happy About

I’ve been raving about this book since I was gifted it when I moved into my new home, and it’s still a huge staple in my life.

It’s a book I reach for when I have a few spare minutes or I’m feeling a bit down. I dip into this book when I need to remember the little things in life, and to remember those silly insignificant things I’m worrying about don’t mean anything. One page is all I need.

There’s a lot to read, well, 14,000 things to be exact. This isn’t a book you read page to page, and I’ll probably never end up reading every single page. There is a lot of things you’ll be like WHAT EVEN IS Quonset (quote page 133). But it’s a bit of fun and such a lovely book that I’ll probably be reaching for in years to come.


Remember Hygge? Well Lagom is the cool Swedish version. But it’s nothing like Hygge – you don’t need anything to make this state of mind and concept happen. The meaning? Not too little, not too much. Just right. (unless it’s chocolate, right?).

Lagom is living within your means, only taking what you need and never too much. It’s being at one with nature, it’s living a sustainable lifestyle that’s both good for you and the environment. It’s a lifestyle choice, rather than capturing a steaming hot chocolate propped up against the fire #hygge.

It’s sustainability. Being more economical with your choices, appreciating the outdoors more and ditching your car to walk to work, saving water, reducing waste and just in general living a healthier lifestyle. This little book covers every area needed to help you find Lagom from interiors and food to nature.

It’s fair to say that the British lifestyle just does not incorporate the Lagom lifestyle as it should, we’re far too conditioned for binge eating and binge drinking. But as one of the happiest countries in the world, they must be doing something right with Lagom.

3.The Little Book of Hygge

I feel like Hygge was the hot trend of 2016 and no one cares about it now, and sometimes I don’t.

But you know what made me fall in love with it all again? 1st of January. We ordered dominos, I had a Lush bath and climbed into my pjs before it, the lights were off and the room was only lit with candles and fairy lights and we watched Spectre. Might I add, whilst it rained outside. It was all I needed for my faith to be restored in Hygge and remember that it is more than just a fad for me.

I absolutely love this little book, besides the cover. I promise. I really must dip back into this book for inspiration, as Hygge is an all year round thing, not just for Winter. Oh, and you certainly need to make sure you’ve made up a Hygge Emergency Kit for those moments in need.

4.The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving A F*ck

The very first book by Sarah Knight that enlightened me, but also the book that I still need to act on in 2018. It was the go getter/pep talk I needed before 2016 was up. It encourages you to dig deep and learn how to stop giving a f*ck and caring about what other people are going to think.

It’s the book of my life. Written for someone with my life. The constant people pleaser, the overworked, stressed millennial that pleases everyone else before themselves.

OK, so I’m still working on it. But leaving certain people behind in 2017 was a huge step for me. I finally took Sarah Knights own advice and did some serious mental decluttering whilst perusing the NotSorrymethod. One more commonly used when I eat Pizza every single weekend. But you get the drift.

Moral of the story? If you identify to any of the above feelings in your life, you gotta read it to believe it.

5.You Do You

The latest in the life changing magic books by Sarah Knight, You Do You sucked its way into my shopper 3 days before Christmas where I was burnt out and just needed a break. Oh, and another pep talk. This seems to be a standard occurrence before the new year, huh?

I’m just in the midst of reading this book and I’m finding myself identifying with it far too much. It’s the book for this year, the book to help me push past my ‘comfort zone’ and do the shit I’ve always wanted to do.

You do you helps you to battle with those judgy mcjudgerson’s – the ones that you think will never think you’re good enough, the ones who set you up to fail and the ones who just don’t understand.

The life affirming read anyone needs. It proves we are all good enough. We are all worth so much more than we think. And guess what? There is NOTHING wrong with any of us. It’s about finding ourselves, working for what we believe in and doing what we bloody well want to do.

Here’s to 2018!

What are your go to reads?

self care books

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