Why I’m Going To Be Signing Out of Social Media On Christmas Day


I started the year off with one whole week off social media. The endless engagements, new babies, gift announcements and #boydidgood posts were enough to turn me green with envy after Christmas dinner lunch. Feeling deflated and well, just a bit shit about myself.

Scrolling through social media is very much a filler of my time. I do it when I’m bored, lonely and when ya know, want to have a stalk. The worst times you can. It’s those types of moments when the Instagram feed eats you up inside. You become the big green monster. It’s the posts you keep thinking about hours later. Tbh, it ruined the festivities and new year for me last year. It just made me feel really rubbish about myself.

The digital free time I had at the start of the year was probably the best start I could give to any year. I felt so motivated, refreshed and I suddenly had all of this free time to DO stuff.

My Christmas Day is usually just spent with my mum, dad and sister. But I’ll still find myself reaching for my phone during the day. I’ll be looking at what other people get, trying to post something just as good, refreshing my phone until I’ve had 11 likes. Moaning about not getting enough likes, then thinking I’m the only one looking at social media on Christmas Day of all days. Like OK I get it, I need a life.

I have an unhealthy obsession with it over Christmas which is why I will be signing out of all my accounts for 24 hours over Christmas.

There aren’t going to be any PRs looking for people on Christmas Day. You aren’t going to get a brand regram. Albeit nice, you probably *won’t* gain 1,000 followers either. You’ll always be lucky if you get more than 20 likes too. So what’s the point?

It’s all going to still be there come Boxing Day.

Christmas Day needs to be that day that I am good to myself. My brain needs a complete shut down, apart from worrying about not getting enough pigs in blankets and whether I’ll be out of my pjs by 11. Both inevitably gonna happen. Soz not soz.

The point is, do we ever really get any time off when we’re constantly wired through social media? A week was bloody hard for me, self confessed Insta addict. But 24 hours, I’m in.

I want to be in the moment this year. A head that isn’t clouded with feelings of low worth. A day where I don’t know what anyone got gifted, or who got engaged (let’s face it, there’s usually about 5). A day of feeling good, doing good and having quality, uninterrupted time with my family. Plus, at least I’ll be able to give the Corrie Christmas special my undivided attention this year.

I’ll see you all on Boxing Day.

Are you planning on having any digital free time over Christmas?