A Few of My Fave Christmas Presents


I write this as I nurse the Christmas Day bloat, yet still dive my hand back into the M&S shortbread tin for just one more. It’s Christmas!

My Christmas day digital detox made such a refreshing change to endlessly scrolling through pictures of Charlotte Tilbury, engagements and pictures of everyone’s Christmas dinner. I knew this year I was gonna be like HEY I got a baking tray and a mini pyrex jug for Christmas, so….

I mean, I really thought you’d all love seeing pictures of my new baking tray I got for Christmas and OMG I have a new pizza tray so I can cook pizza without the edges being pushed into the oblong tray.

But, I was also really lucky to receive some other non homeware (non essential) items that I wanted to share with you. I guess, I like pink right?


Copper Cutlery

One commandment I always follow is, thou shall never have too much copper. I’m at risk of shortly living within the realms of a copper cooking pot, and what? The only reason I didn’t get any copper cutlery sooner was because you can’t put it in the dishwasher. Imagine actually having to clean your dishes. Ugh. So the copper cutlery is going to be for best, and for best I mean when I’m cooking up a lil batch of pancakes for one. I can’t bloody wait!

Flamingo Teapot

I spied this little beauty on the Paperchase Instagram a few months ago. I sent it to a few people at the time because OMG. My family/bf know me so well that I opened my presents to not one but TWO flamingo teapots. Who’s the real winner here? I’m calling them Pearl and Penelope and I’m so excited to have cups of tea and many Insta snaps with these gals.


Too glam to give a damn and don’t I know it? I may currently be makeup less and airing the red skin I’ve been picking, buttt.. Major brownie points for my mum for spotting this in Primark. Nothing motivates me more than a super sassy notebook in my hand and writing on the first clean page of a new book. Is it 2018 yet?


Baby. pink. velvet. converse. Need I say more? No pair of standard white high tops will do me anymore, I’m in love, I’m in love and I don’t care who knows!

Pancake Making Set

I was blown away by this little pancake making kit that my sister got me from Not On The High Street. I didn’t know such a thing existed and if anyone knows me well, I love a good stack of pancakes. The batter mix even came with the cutest heart shaped cutter and pastel coloured whisk. Coming to you on an Instagram very soon…

Flamingo Globe Decoration

The pink and flamingo trend continues here. I just love how my friends and family know me so very well. My blogging gal Emily from Maytooctober got me this super sweet flamingo globe. I’ve already decided it’s gonna be an all year round kinda thing, it’s too pretty to be stored away for 11 months every year. Dontcha think?

Candle Teacup

I love my mum for crafting this little candle teacup for me. She sourced the vintage tea cup and saucer from a charity shop and made the candle inside it. It was her first attempt at something like this and I love it! It’s a present that will stay with me past when the wick burns out too.

Rather than sharing the rest of the kitchen cupboard and chocolate aisle of Sainsbury’s with you I wanted to share a few little faves with you.

Now, if you’ve done any similar posts hook me up with them below because there’s never I like more than have a little nosey!

What did you get for Christmas?



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