5 of My Favourite Posts From 2017

my favourite blog posts from 2017

Oh, 2017, it’s been a funny old year for blogging.

I pretty much wrote it off in the summer. I was neither here nor there when I moved out. I still posted OOTD posts that I did way back when and well, I *think* I’ve finally found my blogging voice.

I’m happier with my content than ever before, and I’ll tell you why. I’ve stripped back the ‘air brushed content’, it’s all or nothing from me now. I’m much more selective in the types of brands and sponsored content I take on. But the main thing? I’ve started to blog about what I want to blog about.

So sorry, but no more hand cream reviews or ‘I went to this event and I did this and then that..’ from me.

Coincidentally the 5 posts I plucked from my archive this year were mostly all written towards the end of the year. They’re personal, *hopefully* funny and reads that you can relate to as well. I like how we’re never alone in situations that we sometimes feel we are.

There’s always someone out there to listen to how I’ve sliced my hand open with a bread knife, and how I’m calling out the influencer lifestyle I so don’t want to be a part of.

So, here’s 5 of my faves that I’ve been most proud of this year.

1. What I Learned From A Week Long Social Media Detox

YAS! I said I’d start the year without social media and I did. A life affirming moment for me, I didn’t need social media to complete me, I was actually quite alright without it.

I gained time, a lot of it. I spoke to people. I swapped my daily scroll of Insta for a conversation with my mum. It was bloody hard, but a real eye opener.

Social media is a wonderful thing, I love it. But once you’ve been sucked in, the seed has been sown. It roots itself inside you and it’s not always a good thing. It can bring doubt, anxiety and jealousy, and also a bit of sadness.

If you do anything in 2018 or over Christmas, ditch the digital. You’ll feel so much happier for it, and it ain’t going anywhere.

2. My First 3 Weeks of Being A Homeowner

I couldn’t not include one of the biggest life changes/achievements of 2017. I bought my own home! A stressful whirlwind that still rears its ugly troll head now, but oh boy, I did it. I really did it, by myself.

The first 3 weeks were a blur. Mostly ‘I can’t believe this is mine’ and constantly feeling like someone was going to tell me to leave. The honeymoon period was amazing and I love that I have this open diary to look back on. Those big issues that feel like nothing now.

Everything resolves itself. That’s the one key thing I’ve learnt during this year, there will always be ‘something’, but it’s how I react to it and move forward that matters and what I’ve learnt. Being a homeowner has come with another ticking time bomb of stress and problems, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I *guess* this means I’m an adult now too.

3. 10 Things That Only Happen On An All Inclusive Holiday

I had to include this for the pure lol factor. My favourite list post to date and one that probably no one else finds funny, but I’m just like YEP.

It brings back my summer holiday memories of eating pizza and chips for tea every night. That CUTE AF green wristband and the Benidorm worthy evening entertainment. It was a good one.

4. Fakery Within The Influencer Network

The post that left a sour taste in my mouth. I had a resounding amount of tweets and comments about this post, and it seems that a lot of bloggers could relate to this too.

The originality with influencers is still very much lacking. As the Black Friday sales came and Christmas gift guides did the round we all became accustomed to seeing the exact same ad 5 x in the same scroll.

But it’s not just that. Its how bloggers and influencers have this massive divide now, the glass ceiling that some of us just cannot get past, but also don’t want to get past.

Social media and the world of influencers is growing at a scary speed, so we don’t know what’s next. All we can do is continue to invest in real people, write about what we love on our corners of the internet and be here when the influencer bubble inevitably bursts. Nah, I’m not bitter at all.

5. The Friends I’ll Be Leaving In 2017

I couldn’t believe how many people reached out to me about this post and were like YES GURL. It appears I’m not alone and some people may be thinking it’s a brutal post but I’m sorry you are NUMBER ONE.

You should never have your happiness sucked away for the benefit of staying in an unfulfilling friendship. The type that eats you up inside, and they know it.

I’m done with being the nice guy and putting up with class A shit. I’m done being there when they aren’t there for me. I aint no clothes horse to take anymore soggy laundry. I’m out.

Like Sarah Knight taught me in the life changing magic of not giving a fuck, rid yourself of feeling guilty for saying NO to things, and just don’t give a fuck with the NotSorry method.

Here’s to even better content in 2018. As always let me know if there are any posts or type of content you would like to see from me in the new year!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year. Thanks for sticking around with me, you total babes. See you in 2018.

What are your favourite posts from 2017?