My Blogging Plans For 2018

plymouth-blogger2018. You beautiful thing you. I don’t know why it does or should signify a clean slate, a reason to start again and work towards your goals. But it does, and I never feel like I have my s*** together as much as I do in the first week of January. Short lived, or not.

Before any new year, I stop, I brainstorm blog titles excessively and think about how I’m going to make my blog game better than ever.

My blogging pattern took somewhat of a bumpy journey at the start of the year. There was hectic life changes, and sometimes your blog really does need to take a back seat for a little while.

I now feel like I’m ending the year in a good place with my blog. My blogging game is back for good, or so it seems (ya gal did 9 posts last month, and what?), and this is what I’ll be doing more of in 2018.

Revamping Old Blog Posts

In the 200 odd blog posts I’ve written, I’ve probably only revisited and updated 2 of them.

I have so much content out there already to look back on, and cringe at. I have probably 10 blog posts that attract a lot of regular traffic, both from Pinterest and organically from google. Great. Shame about the 90% odd bounce rate that they have. I think LOL, I wouldn’t even read that.

I want people to be landing on my blog and staying. Like falling into the pages of your favourite magazine. The type you can still buy from your local corner shop.

One biggie for me in 2018 will be revisiting those old posts, rewriting, editing and possibly retaking photos. In saying this I know that I’ve worked in my job for too long, but these old blogs may be getting a lot of traffic, but it’s pointless traffic. What’s my ROI, what is the conversion I’m looking for when people land on my blog?

I want people to be staying for longer than they currently are on my blog, so that’s my main target for 2018.

More Lifestyle Content

Fashion will always be at the forefront of my blog, but as life events have come and gone this year, I’ve been really enjoying ploughing out lifestyle content too.

It’s easier to write because it’s me. What’s happening to me and what someone else may relate to, or find interesting. I love reading lifestyle content too, so I guess that helps. We’re all naturally nosy, right? We like to latch onto each others experiences and stories, and have comfort in that.

As I navigate the hardships of adulting, expect a lot more of this to come next year. With personal posts that will make you think and list type posts that probably don’t make any of you laugh. lol.

WordPress Migration

I would like to. I’ve been thinking about making the move to WordPress for a little while now. There are limitations to blogger, limitations in taking my blog to the next level. I also wonder if blogger will always exist, and if not, what’s next?

I need to research this more thoroughly before I do so, and what impact, if any it could make.

I think WordPress will allow me to up the stakes though, so its definitely something I want to do before 2018 is out.


Improving my blogging photography is the top of my list every year. Still trying.

I’ve switched up the way I post blogs and photos this year. Moving out also helped because HELLO white walls and copper everywhere. I share a lot of the pictures on Instagram that I use on my blog and it’s definitely helped with getting my content repinned on Pinterest.

So 2018 is the year of brighter and whiter photos. More time spent on Pinterest and recreating photos. But also the year of sharing more photos of ME and bringing more personality across in them and my posts than ever before.

I still use my DSLR on auto too, so if you fancy hooking a girl up with some tips, holla at me.

More Self Promotion

2017 has been the worst year for self promotion. The reason being that on a Sunday night I CBA to schedule 20 odd posts for the week ahead when I’d rather be slobbing on the sofa consuming a packet of biscuits and watching 13 going on 30 for the 178th time. Not gonna lie.

I’ve noticed the difference it makes to my social traffic though, so there is importance to it, even if x bloggers get fed up with the amount of posts you do.

The swipe up function on Insta would kinda help too. I’ve had a huge rise in traffic from Insta to my blog this year, and I think that this platform is quickly superseding twitter for me, despite the fact that no one even sees my posts anymore.

Scheduling posts, tweets, Instagrams or the captions the night before at least has to happen more. I’ll hopefully set aside one lunchtime at work each week for this, it will save me from aimlessly scrolling through ASOS for at one day at least, eh?

Host A Blogging Workshop

Something I have wanted to do for the last couple of years is to host a blogging workshop in Plymouth.

I’ve been in the game for a while now, and the Plymouth blogging community has grown rapidly in the last year alone. I would absolutely love to organise a workshop with talks on SEO for blogging, flat lays, photography, the business side of blogging etc.

It is one more to add to my 12647 New Years resolutions, so we’ll see shall we?


What are your blogging plans for 2018?

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