How My Style Has Evolved In The Last 5 Years


It was only last week that I realised it had been 7 years since I turned 18. 7 WHOLE years. It’s a lifetime away from the bodycon dresses I used to wear every Saturday night, the untouched eyebrows and the dangly feathered earrings, because cute.

I’m *probably* not the only one who looks back and silently cringes at how we used to look. How we used to dress. But also how times were different then, and so were we.

Some people never look any different. From weight gain and hair dye gone wrong, it’s fair to say I’ve evolved over the years, and HEY hopefully for the better.

Whilst things have changed and people have come and gone, fashion has always been that one consistent and stable thing in my life. It’s always been there and I’ve always loved it. It’s just that it’s evolved over the years with natural progression.  I like to think I know my style and what suits me more than ever now. Just call me Trinny & Susannah.

So how has it changed I hear ya ask.

Well, you only need to hit the left arrow on my Facebook profile picture to see. Or scroll back on my Instagram to the beginning of time. Its not pretty, but it’s me. We all make bad style choices, I still do now. I still get called Pat Butcher and told I’ve forgotten to change out of my pjs, I guess I’ve just learnt to be happy in what I wear, and if that’s not the most important thing about style and being comfortable in what you’re wearing, I don’t know what is.

I now dress for myself. Not for others, not to impress others, just for myself, by myself. I wear what makes me happy, what makes me feel good, and an outfit that I feel like I could take over the world in.

The days of heading to Revolutions in a cut out dress that barely covers my stomach are over. I’m sad about it too. Never did I think I would be a confident, twenty something who wore MIDI skirts. Who the frick do I think I am? Midi skirts make me feel smart, sassy and confident. I love dressing them up as much as I do dressing them down with sneakers and a jumper.

I barely wear anything above my knee now or plunging necklines. Congratulations to me, I am now officially that old person. I cringe at the thought of someone catching me wearing a mini skirt and someone saying ‘she’s too old to wear that’. Let’s face it, it’s gonna happen.

The way I accessorise has grown up a lot too. The feathery dangly earrings and £1 bangles from Primark have already made their way to the charity shop. I rarely swap my pearl earrings for anything else these days, and I spend more on investment pieces that are timeless and classic. No matter how old you get.

The 18 year old bangle wearer has now swapped it for classy, yet sassy bracelets from Thomas Sabo. My 2 current favourite huns are the Friendship Bracelets – Little Secrets Bracelets which I have dressed with their Charm Club Charms for bracelets. A little N in case I forget my name, and a 4 leaf clover, because a girl really gotta have a bit of luck every now and then. I pair it with my Love Bridge bracelet, also pink (OBV) which features the cutest little skull.

I can really see myself adding to this bracelet with sentimental charms that mark milestones and special occasions. There is more than 500 charms in their whole collection, so you can be as creative as you want.

I really want to mark the time that I lived in Finland as this was a really big part of my life. I’ve even found a Finnish flag charm, so I definitely know what I’m going to add next. I love the idea that this bracelet will stay with me, and I can add to it for the rest of my life.

Little jewellery pieces like this finish off my outfit better than your mum’s red lipstick and glitter eyeliner from collection 2000 that you’ve had for 3 years. They’re sleek, minimal and finish my outfit off to perfection.

With jewellery, and skirt/trouser length covered, I guess the major last change for me has been colour. I no longer shy away from colour. I mean, I like pink, if you hadn’t noticed? You’ll rarely catch me without wearing some form of pink these days. But do you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I no longer see getting older each year as a burden. I’m more adventurous with what I wear, I know what I like/what suits me and I’ve got to that stage in my life that I really don’t care what anyone else thinks.

I just style it my way.








T-shirt – ASOS

Trousers – Topshop

Jacket – Missguided

Boots – Miss Selfridge via ASOS

Charm Bracelet Little Secret* – Thomas Sabo

Love Bridge Bracelet Skull Pink Pave* – Thomas Sabo

How has your style changed as you’ve got older?

*Products marked with an asterix (*) have been sent to me for review. This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Thomas Sabo. However, all opinions in this post are 100% my own

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