Fakery Within The Influencer Network

peggy porschen london

November has been the month of the so called ‘blogger scandals’. The tweets dug up from a decade ago, and witch hunts to bring influencers crashing to the ground. Perhaps they deserved it?

It’s common knowledge that the blogging community has become cattier than ever. Quite frankly it’s embarrassing. But something that is striking me now more than ever is the fakery. It’s a bad smell you just can’t get rid. It lingers.

This is WAY beyond the real life vs Instagram paradigm.
I was at a ‘place’ a couple of weeks ago. Bloggers and influencers flock to there on a regular basis. To snap pictures against what probably is the dreamiest backdrop a gal will ever find. It’s a bloggers dream. No denying it.

But it’s not all that meets the eye. Firstly, to say I felt out of place is an understatement. I even got the memo about wearing pink, but nope. We paid the £5 price tag for a tiny, all be it dry cupcake to soak up the atmosphere on a cold table outside. LOL life.
Before we knew it there was ‘influencers’ descending on us. Sitting on the tables next to us, posing. Only leaving 5 minutes later with the shots that they had and uploading to Insta. We actually found these pictures on the influencers account afterwards claiming that they had been there. 
Like lol, no hun. I don’t know what stopped me from calling her out then and there. It made me think. What is real that we see?
It was embarrassing. Way beyond embarrassing. It was everything that I would never want to be. I actually said ‘I really hope I’m not like that’. DONT CHEAT THE SYSTEM. You pay for this £5 cupcake like everyone else to get the shots.
I have encountered ‘influencers’ like this before at events who turn up for the free s***, are nice to your face (or not) and then unfollow you as soon as they get home. 
Everyone is out to make a quick buck in this materialistic and quite frankly fake industry. It appears that being fake sells. But for how long?
How long are we going to continue buying into influencers who wear an outfit once, its up on depop within the hour and what comes with it is often no personality. More ‘girls grab 40% off this top now’ and *insert cliche quote*.
I’m fed up of endless beach shots, in bikini bottoms wedged up between bum cheeks (JUST BUY A GOD DAMN THONG BIKINI) when I’m slaving away in a 9-5 job and feeling guilty for looking between my curtains for the dominos delivery guy to pull up.
As influencers, you are ultimately a role model. You have responsibilities for you what you post. So it begs the question, do you think they are healthy role models? Do you honestly want to be like that?
It is not an attainable or easy lifestyle for your average, everyday person. It never will be. A person who works a 9-5 day, comes home to work on their own goals, still finds time to comment and reply to peoples questions, and bags their clothes up for a charity shop, rather than making money on something that they got for free is a role model.
Followers need to understand that these are not everyday lifestyles to buy into. That perfect bikini shot? It has been taken 153748 times, probably before breakfast and after a gym session. That ‘jacket’ they’re promoting? They probably don’t even like it. They’ve just been paid x amount to promote it, they’re laughing. It’s fakery at its finest.
That’s why I’m buying into real people. Real bloggers who share their personal life, the high bits, as well as the low. The ones that stay true to themselves no matter how high their follower count reaches. The ones that exist past their Instagram account.
I’ve dropped a ‘few’ influencers off my Instagram feed in the last week. It’s unhealthy, not realistic and quite personally a fake and unattainable lifestyle that I’m just not interested in.

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