5 Ways To Up Your Instagram Story Content


Pretty sure we all abandoned Snapchat and ran for the hills a few months back when Instagram unveiled their Insta Stories function. Like I don’t actually have to be jumping back in and out of one app and another anymore. Not gonna lie, it was exhausting.

Most people find that their Insta Stories (as a blogger/influencer) reach a LOT more people than snapchat. I’m talking 100’s more people for me rather than my mere 30 followers on Snapchat who care more about what kebab they’re picking off the floor on Saturday night than what bits you’ve been hauling at your local Boots store.

The best bit about Instagram stories is you can mute stories too, without that said person knowing. So if some of your followers don’t appreciate them, that’s fine. You have a more targeted audience for it.

I *think* I’ve really upped my Insta story game recently, like OMG I’ve actually spoken in them and no, YOU watch yourself back 100 times after posting it. Anyway, if you’re wanting to make yourself known more on your Insta Stories and reach out to your followers on a different level, here’s 5 ways to up your Insta story content.

1. Get Haulin’

There’s no surprise that people love a haul, I’ve been in the game too long now on my blog to know that it’s one of people’s favourite type of post. However, even I prefer in it video format now, so taking it to your Insta stories is a smart move.

You don’t have to talk if you don’t want to, I try to take different pictures/boomerangs/videos of each of the items. I get a lot of engagement from it and messages afterwards asking me various questions about what I’ve shown so it’s definitely helping build the relationship that I have with my followers.

Always tag the brands in your hauls, as everyone loves a shout out and it might even help them notice your Instagram/blog that could potentially lead to exciting opportunities.

 2. Polls

I love a good poll, I loved them even more when I found out you could actually see who had specifically voted Yes and No….Or maybe that’s not such a good thing. Either way, I’m loving this interactive element to stories, they’re so knocking Twitter out of the ball park with them.

I’m still seeing a low ratio of voters to viewers, whether this is because people don’t want to answer them/it’s too fast or they haven’t quite got their head around the polls yet, I’m not sure. However, it’s here to stay and I’m finding it so helpful for answering questions to help improve my content and appearance on Instagram. I really do value my followers thoughts and want to be providing really good content/stories I’m proud of, and that my followers will like too.

I’ve sussed out whether my followers want to see more talking/haul vidoes and whether they like Fashion or Lifestyle content more. It’s such a quick way to get an insight into your followers thoughts and motives, it also switches your content up when you might not otherwise have much to share.

 3. Text & Emojis

Still images just aren’t enough for me on stories, I want to know what the meaning behind the picture is too. I always add text, layer the text for a bold effect and of course add in emojis.

Change the text colour too, it took me 6 months to work out you could swipe for more colour options and also press down on a particular colour to colour pick your own unique colour. Magic.

Any image can benefit from an emoji, or even lots of them. The little love heart Instagram like is my go to boo. It’s cute, simple and says that I’m just really loving something. I add in 10 for extra effect.

I find it also works well adding various amounts of text, but getting the viewer to click through/wait until the next image to see further snippets of text. I love watching continuous Instagram stories like this as it keeps me engaged, and stops me from swiping away.

 4. Switch It Up

I’m not even lying to you when I say I was almost sick with dizziness after once watching someone post 3 boomerangs in one go. It does not make for easy viewing, one bit. It’s also a bit boring.

There’s so many functions and different ways to show your content these days, that you don’t need to keep it the same. Post still pictures, boomerangs, videos, talking videos, get drawing on your photos, add emojis in. Just make each one different.

I find the drop off rate of viewing stories is less when it’s not 10 clips straight of just you talking. Like when I post any Instagram picture, I always think would I like watching this? If the answer is no, move on and post something different.

5. Share Your Day (Even The Boring Bits)

But most of the time, we just like seeing what you’re doing – on a day to day basis. I feel like I’m part of my favourite bloggers brunch run, and living my life through them at times, but I like it. You feel connected on a distant level and I love the interaction you get with bloggers that you think will never reply. Like OMG Hannah Gale actually replied to me once in response to her story. Highlight of my blogging career, and what?

I have started to do this a bit more, and I really do think it helps people relate with you on a personal level. Instagram photos may look perfect, but Insta stories allow you to reveal that personal element (if you want to) to show your viewers you’re normal too. You have a normal life, and not every day is a good day.

Whether you fancy jumping on on the walk to work, just fancy having a chat or you’re taking your viewers on holiday with you. Share anything and everything, there’s no rules with insta stories – but we’re all nosy. We love seeing the bits we have never seen before, and I think it sets the precedence of what’s to come in 2018.


Jumper – Missguided

Bag* – Boohoo

Jeans – Topshop

Do you like Instagram stories? What are your favourite things to watch as a viewer?

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