My Teeth Whitening Transformation – Before & After

teeth-whitening-opalescence Plymouth

Ya gal got white teeth! Finally. There was only so much I could take of having a bottom set of teeth that quite frankly resembled an undercooked piece of corn on the cob. I’ve wanted white teeth since probably forever, the type you need to wear sunglasses to look at them.

It wasn’t cheap. But oh boy, the results. Amazing. I can’t believe it’s my smile when I look in the mirror now, I thought I would be one of those only people in the world that a whitening treatment wouldn’t work on. Like no hun, sweetcorn teeth forever for you. This post is NOT sponsored and I haven’t been sent to review this treatment, just in case you were wondering. The results are too good not to share with you, which I’m sure you’ll see from the upcoming before and after pictures below. So here’s how I did it!

teeth whitening Plymouth

The Treatment

Okay, so firstly before any whitening treatment the stains on my teeth had to be removed, because else the whitening treatment won’t really do anything to your teeth because there’s this layer of tea, red wine and other brown stuff it’s trying to get past. I have no idea why my bottom teeth have become so prone to staining (blaming it on naked bars) I’d already had this treatment done once before, and again the results are amazing with this alone.

It’s a private treatment at my dentist (any dentist) called Air Flow Treatment costing £50. It takes about 20-30 mins and just involves a lot of powder, air, and water. It gives your teeth a good clean, removes the stains and instantly made my teeth about one shade brighter and whiter. I would recommend this to anyone, it’s not expensive for the results and it doesn’t hurt or make your teeth sensitive.

After Air Flow it was time for the main star of the show. The teeth whitening treatment was £250 in total, worth. every. penny. The expensive part is getting a set of retainers made for your teeth which will be a familiar thing if you’ve ever had braces. It’s essentially taking impressions of your teeth that they then make into retainers for you to use during the at the home treatment. It takes about 10 minutes, and is painless. It took about a week for them to be made before it was time to start the treatment.

The tooth whitening system which is used is called Opalescence which I think is something that is used in dentists nationwide, or something similar at least. You are given 4 syringes which contain the gel which you fill your retainers with each night and then wear for at least 4 hours each night. Or 8-9 hours if you go to sleep at bang on 10pm every night. It’s probably a 2 week treatment, but my teeth are small so it’s lasted way over 3 weeks for me. My teeth were matched against shades beforehand by my dentist to see what my teeth were currently at, with my side ones being almost 2 shades darker than my front which was no shock to me. I know they’re yellow. OK. My dentist expected for them all to get 2 shades whiter by using the treatment. I was showed how to use the treatment effectively and that if there was any sensitivity it’s okay to leave it for a couple of nights and start up again.

One thing to note is that your teeth will NEVER go back to your original shade, although they will fade in time. You can buy top up syringes for only £25 when you want to boost the brightness, as you already have the retainer that’s all you would need to do for future whitening.

The Process

I must admit that I was timid at the fact that it was at home treatment. Like am I even doing this right? The trick is to not use a lot of gel as this ends up going onto your gums and causing irritation, and to only focus on covering the front bits on the retainer, not underneath. After I’d had my retainer on the first night, I rushed to check in the mirror ten mins later, like to check if they were white yet. They weren’t.

It was probably about 3 days in when I had already started to notice the results. I liked this. No, I loved it. I experienced a slight bit of sensitivity on my front teeth, didn’t stop me eating pizza though. So there’s that. The sensitivity and pain is what has always put me off doing it before, but it wasn’t bad at all. Like I said before if it is bad, leave it off for a couple of nights and start again. Your teeth also start to get used to it after a few days so it really isn’t bad at all.

After a week my side teeth started to catch up. The treatment for me has probably lasted 3-4 weeks in total which is double to what I thought it would, but what’s a gal gonna do? After the third week I was like, can they even get any whiter though? I subconsciously find myself checking out everyones teeth colour now and asking if my mum can smile in the mirror next to me so I can see how much whiter mine look. Obviously her favourite child for a reason…

The dentist advised me not to drink tea, coffee or eat curry whilst doing the treatment so I of course took this to the extreme and stopped having ketchup, hot chocolates and basically any kind of fruit and vegetables for 4 weeks so that’s worked out well for my body for the last week. But really, it’s not gonna affect you if you have more of a beige diet anyway, all the cheese, bread and crisps it is.

I had all of my treatment done at Meavy Way Dental Clinic, Plymouth. But most dentists should offer this, and always get teeth whitening done at a dental professional, not some dodgy person that can do it in 10 minutes at your local shopping centre for £60.

The Results

The bit I’m sure you’ve all only clicked through to come to this post for, I’m sure you’ll agree the results are noticeable and I honestly couldn’t be any happier with the results. I can now talk to people without worrying about people identifying the ‘stains’. Still trying to find the darkest lipstick possible to enhance how white my new teeth are and probably catch myself smiling at myself in the mirror at least 16458 minutes a day, and wot? All these pictures are unedited, shot in natural daylight and not enhanced in any way.

teeth whitening Plymouth

teeth whitening Plymouth

teeth whitening Plymouth

What do you think?! Have you ever had this done or would be interested in it? Comment below or tweet me if you have any other questions about teeth whitening!

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