3 of My Spotty Skin Saviours


You know those days when your skin is like, LOL not today hun. This ones for you. I can probably count the actual real days in my life on one hand that I have had clear skin, and it aint pretty. If you read my most recent post about acne, you’ll know it’s not always been as easy as finding an elusive potion to clear your spots in one go. Getting rid of spots is about as hard as batting off that god damn boy from primary school from landing in your DM’s, it’s not easy.

My acne seems like a distant memory now, but I still suffer from troublesome skin and blocked pores. Banning chocolate and pizza from your diet doesn’t work either, just FYI. These scaremongering articles do more harm than good I swear. From recommendations and my own discoveries, I’ve learnt that when it comes to skincare you do have to pay more to get the quality and results. You might not be able to afford to eat for the rest of the month, but HEY I actually have nice skin. These are 3 skincare products that I have been loving recently.

Glamglow YOUTHMUD™ Tinglexfoliate Treatment 50g – £36.95

I first dipped my toe into the world of Glamglow when I received a sample size of the above mask in my Look Fantastic Beauty Box, game changer. After wearing SPF, body oil and baking in the sun for a week, I ended up with clogged facial pores and a lot of spots. Yay. Sun is meant to make you skin look better, right? This is THE product for congested skin, I probably use it 3 times a week when my skin is really bad. It gently exfoliates the skin after use, dries it up and makes it feel a lot smoother after the first use.

This stuff is not cheap. I usually get the small tub and only use it when my skin really needs some help. It is so worth the money though, if only for my sanity. NO I’m not getting acne again, but my skin does need a bit of help when I’m reaching for this. I won’t use or purchase another clay mask or similar since discovering this.

Aesop Control Gel – £13.00

All hail the only spot cream ever invented that doesn’t dry your skin or turn you into 80% scales. I like you a lot. I’ve repurchased this for the second time now and it’s such a blessing in disguise when I get angry spots. It has a slightly sticky consistency that does not dry on your skin. I’ve found it really effective in reducing the size and colour of my spots.

When your skin is crying out, the spots need moisture to get better not drying out to the point that you end up with another skin issue entirely. I thank Caroline Hirons for this little tip! The control gel now comes in a plastic tube unlike it’s previous metal like tube that ends up cutting your hands to pieces, with the gel oozing out of every orifice it can find. It lasts sooo long too, I don’t think I need to sell it to you anymore, just do it.

Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate 30ml – £38.00

I never thought I’d be one of those people that actually bought Kiehls, like who the Frick do I think I am? I only ever end up buying high end skincare bits when I have leftover euros at duty free. Like I’d rather have 2 dominos than actually treat my skin, but trust me on this, this is another product I now cannot do without.

I only use this product once my skin has started to decongest and is feeling better, because its a bit like adding fuel to the fire else. I use this in the evenings after my normal skincare routine (cleanser if I’m lucky, if not I’m looking at you face wipes) – I use 2 drops of the oil and dab it onto my face. I then put face cream on over the top as I tend to get quite dry skin. I wake up looking like a new woman when I use it, my skin is less dull and looks healthier than it did before. I wouldn’t say it helps keep my spots at bay, it is an oil so use sparingly. I love using this after I’ve been travelling and my skin needs a bit of TLC. Kiehls products are expensive, but worth the money!


Armed with my 3 favs, I know a clear skin day is never too far away. I also use a lot of Simple products too because HEY this girl got a mortgage to pay. But I find they’re so perfect for my skin type, no nonsense and simple products that don’t upset or overload my skin. It’s a bit like buying clothing from Primark I guess, mix your expensive products with cheaper products to nail the perfect skincare routine!

What are your go to boo’s for spotty skin?

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