My Blog Is 4! 4 of My Favourite Posts Revisited

OMG. Like how is my blog even 4? I remember writing my first blog post like it was yesterday, the blogging world was big even then, but nothing compared to the scale that has consumed us 4 years later. What was once something to pass some time during a boring summer has turned into a hobby that I can never imagine life without. Butter without marmite? Can’t. Baths without Lush? Can’t. Same thing.

I write and write and write, but one thing I never do is look back at where I started and really delve into the depths of some topics/subjects that meant so much at the time, still do mean so much. It’s evident my writing style has bloomed somewhat dramatically even in the last year alone, but I thought I’d revisit 4 of my favourite posts, one from each year. One’s that weren’t necessarily the most popular at the time, but which I felt really proud of. Let’s start at the beginning.

#1. Half Way There, Spring Semester

I could spend hours, nights, weeks reading back over my old blog posts and seeking comfort in the warmth of the memories. My first ever blog post. So raw and real, this post was written on my year abroad in Finland. Reading these memories is like opening a good book you’ve been wanting to rush back and read all day, how lovely. Oh and that cold I talk about at the end? That turned into ‘almost’ pneumonia and a day in a hospital bed by myself, in Finland. So that was nice.

That year abroad shaped who I am today, I made so many unforgettable memories, made friends for life and a place that I would always call home. I never felt that Southampton where I spent the most part of my degree was my home. But in Tampere, I did. I was actually surprised at how good the writing style of my first post was and it reminded me what blogging was about. Recording real moments living away from home, when wifi wasn’t such a common thing, keeping my family up to date with goings on and savouring every last memory. Now it’s more who can post the most controversial story, and not relatable experiences. Sifting back through old blog posts is what I’m going to do, going back to basics and blogging about things that are real, happening to me and that people are interested in. Not what everyone else in the blogging world is also talking about.

Thank you 4 years worth of content <3

#2. Personal Story | Living With IBS

I really didn’t want to reshare this, which is bad of me really, I still shouldn’t feel embarrassed about writing this post. It reached so many people. I had SO many people contacting me who opened up and could relate to me. At that time of writing it I felt so alone, I felt at my worst and I didn’t see a way forward.

I still have my off days and have to be careful what I eat, I do ultimately blame this on my pancreatitis, but when stress or upset rears its ugly head it still affects my stomach, but I know how to react to it. Everyone has IBS to some extent, it’s a natural thing unfortunately and, yes, girls do poo.

I wrote this very personal story of my experience with IBS 3 years again, as I mentioned, this was when I was at my worst. I honestly feel a million miles away from this now, I had test after test for different stomach diseases and illnesses which I wish I had at the time, just so I had that diagnosis and could move on. When there wasn’t anything else to point the finger at I knew I had to change my lifestyle. The stress had to stop, the worry had to stop I had to get myself back on track, eat well and be what I was like pre the uni years. Managing stress is hard, but it is doable.

I still think it’s crazy how your stomach can be affected so much by your brain, it’s an incredibly powerful link. Look after your mental health, your wellbeing, fuel your body with goodness and have plenty of ‘me time’ – it’s the only road to recovery, without medication, for me anyway. Maybe I should do an update post on this soon?

#3. Why It’s Okay To Be A Teetotal 23 Year Old

Or 24 year old, 25, whatever your age. This is still one of my most personal posts written on my blog, but a really important one. There is so much pressure to conform in this destructive binge drinking society, no one can make you do anything and no one should ever question your drinking habits. Drinking doesn’t = a good time.

I’ve now hit 4 whole years without alcohol, hoping I get a cool jacket or something for my fifth year. I turned my life around and honestly haven’t looked back, it ruined my younger years without realising it and I hopefully have reversed some of the damage I made in my teen years.

It’s still somewhat of an uphill struggle explaining to people about why I don’t drink and never will drink again, but that’s okay. I’ve got to the stage I don’t need to justify myself anymore, and I’m okay with the fact that I’ll never have a bottomless Prosecco brunch or get slaughtered at Ocean Beach Ibiza. Equally if you do, enjoy yourselves, and the hangover the next day…

#4. Is Blogging Is A Dying Trend?

Like a dark cloud that sits and stays in a room, this is something that is still very much being talked about in the blogging world. It’s not going anywhere anytime soon. A lot of fellow bloggers really ‘got’ this post, and a lot of us are still here drowning, frantically waving our hands in the hope we won’t be forgotten.

Nothing here has changed BUT, the way I am currently looking at is is that more bloggers are dropping off by the day because they feel their efforts are fruitless, the now influencers of the moment haven’t blogged in something close to 6 months and more of us are seeking writing in relatable bloggers that have been there since the beginning and that we just so totally get.

Keep writing, keep doing what you love and that will show through. Passions show through the need for money and freebies from your favourite brands, blogging is for heartfelt words that will stay on the inter web forever. These blogs are our own spaces we have carved on the internet, and they won’t be going anywhere if you don’t.

For those that really want to see how far I’ve come, you won’t want to miss out on reading my first ever fashion blog post, thank me later.

Thank you to everyone who has continued reading over these amazing 4 years whether you’ve been with me since the very beginning of time or are stopping by now for the first time, it’s been one hell of a journey. Here’s to 4 more years in the blogging world!

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