5 Changes I’m Making To My Instagram

Like NO, you’re addicted to Instagram. Without realising, or maybe with a little bit of intention to put my finger up to the Instagram algorithm, I’ve really started to change a few key things about the way I post and engage on Instagram. Girl, gotta do what a girl gotta do to get more than 11 likes in 3 hours at the moment. What about that?

I’ve also unfollowed a lot of accounts recently to have a bit of a ‘mental’ declutter. Too much time is spent following people we only follow out of ‘well they’re following me’ and ‘I’ll feel bad if I unfollow them’ – the worst that’s gonna happen is they’re gonna see your name pop up on Instatrack (and that’s only if they’re an addict), they’ll get over it. Same can’t be said when someone unfollows me who I have devotedly followed for years, but whatevs.

I’ve started to make these 5 conscious changes over the last month or so and I’m really happy with my place on Instagram at the moment, despite the *cough* non existent likes.

#1. Longer Instagram Captions

I feel like I’m always harking on about longer Instagram captions, well that probably has something to do with the fact I’ve mentioned it in the last few posts, soooo. But an attractive, visual image is just not enough these days. I want real life, I want to see an insight into peoples lives, know what made their day, what embarrassing moment that should never be shared but does and we laugh because we know we do it too.

I’ve started to write captions in the way I speak on a personal level, because that’s ME. Sometimes I’m still like ‘This is a cute bag’ – but I’m getting there, and the Instagram captions are taking progressively longer to write, but I like it. Someone that nails this is of course the queen who is Hannah Gale – love her meaty and witty captions.

#2. More iPhone Shots

Corrr the iPhone 6 takes a good photo, doesn’t it. Well, sometimes. My DSLR makes my skin look all pretty, and WOW is that even me? But the iPhone camera gets more of the outfit and location you’re shooting at in. I prefer these raw shots, and I’ll always add a good dose of brightness and contrast to it as well that by the time I’m finished it’s good enough quality to post.

Going back to the accounts I’ve been unfollowing recently, it has mostly been bloggers with editorial, photoshopped and unattainable pictures and lifestyles. I’m never going to be able to travel the world and constantly live in bikinis nor do I even want to own every new designer bag that comes out. For me personally these images don’t have any personality or character that I can relate to. It’s a lifestyle I’m not interested in, so more relatable shots are the way forward for me. Plus my flat lays always look 100% better on my iPhone, so there’s that.

#3. Comment on 5 Photos A day

Okay, so I’m not limiting myself to 5 here, but it’s a target. Nobody got time for Instagram pods, but as I’m scrolling through pictures, like them and think that looks amazing, why am I not commenting? Sharing the love is the best way to engage and build a rapport with the other persons account. They may even repay the favour on a photo of yours. Maybe.

Engagement is key to beating the bloody algorithm and I ALWAYS try to reply to all comments on my photos, even if it is a ‘thanks lovely’. Lol.

#4. I Have A Theme

Like how did that happen? An actual theme I try to follow, well most of the time. I’m losing my mind trying to get it back onto track since coming back from Paris though. A theme is hard to follow when you actually have more plans than coming home from work and slobbing out on the sofa.

It’s been since I moved into my own home that it has changed, probably something to do with the fact everything is white, pink or copper. I only shoot outfit pictures against pastel walls now too, and I love it! I even shot some against the lilac walls of council flats last week, ingenious and effective! Also people really love the PINK – I always get my most likes with pinks, whites and well Instagrammable backgrounds!

#5. Mix It Up More

Looking back I’m really interior focused, then fashion and then just food, mostly food. I have a thing where I feel funny if I post 2 food photos in a row, or they fall on top of each other, I don’t know if that’s an OCD thing if I’m just really, really not well.

I haven’t shared any interior posts for a while and I love doing them as I always get a lot of engagement on them. It’s like getting that work/life balance right, so hard to master but once you’re done it’s easy! I think I need to schedule things in advance to try and really nail this. So expect more variety, food, fashion, interior, and not much else!

Have you made any changes to how you post recently? What do you think about my changes?

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