6 Tips For Taking The Perfect Instagram Picture of Food


I like food, you like food, we all like food. We all want to see each others food, we only want to eat the most instagrammable food, and we certainly don’t go without taking pictures. Because how can you possibly eat a slice of cake and not take a picture? I’m getting a rash just thinking of it. On Instagram, food pictures are completely split, you get the perfectly put together ones, laid out to perfection, and the one’s where it looks like 2 weeks worth of leftovers have been slopped onto a plate. No thank you.

I’m obsessed. I cannot eat without taking a picture without thinking of the gram, and I almost always opt for the most instagrammable thing on the menu regardless to its price, how it tastes and if it will make me ill. But if it ‘looks good’ then who cares, right?

There’s more to food flatlay photography than you think, this post if for you if you want to nail that shot to perfection!

#1. Choose Wisely

I’m 100% sure I’m not alone here that I will always choose the nicest looking thing over the fact whether it actually tastes any good. Someone gotta do it. For me, brunch always looks good as I pretty much eat pancakes and anything sweet. Sweet stuff always seems to get the most likes over something like a fried breakfast or scrambled eggs. Just ask yourself, if it came up on my feed ‘would I like it?’.

#2. The Lighting

Lighting is everything. There’s nothing worse than having the most appeasing dish delivered to your table when you realise that your table is situated in a place darker than a dementors soul or you got all the spotlight going on. Get a table that can do both. You need to consider the table you choose too, plastic table cloths are a no no.

#3. No Hands In Shot

Harder than it sounds believe me. Bribe your guests if you have to, or better yet eat alone so you don’t have to worry about it. Let their food go cold in the process to get that perfect shot. Hands in photos, bites already being taken are real life, yes, but it ruins the photo. Less is more here.

#4. Lay It Out

Turn your dishes around, move the pot of flowers over into the shot, move your plates closer, do your thing. Just like you play around with products or items for a flatlay the same should apply for any food shots. Keep changing it around until you get it right. Waiters/waitresses are inconsiderate and will not take Insta needs into mind so this part is up to you.

#5. Grab Some Props

I love me some props for a food flatlay. I haven’t got to the stage of taking my own props in a bag yet, but it is going that way. Use what’s around you, but some things that are perfect for foodie flatlays are; newspapers, magazines, sunglasses, flowers, quote cards (in case you got a spare one in your bag..), laptops, hands & watches etc, etc.

#6. Aerial View

Get the aerial view going. Standing up to take photos of dishes is common place now, everyone is getting in on the act and there is no need to be embarrassed. Embrace the food shots! Standing up will always give you the cleanest, laid out look, you can then shoot as much or as little in it as you want.


Have you got any tips for nailing the perfect food shot?