7 Things That Made Me Happy In July


I’m going to save you the whole ‘OMG, how is it even July, life is just flying by’ for you this time, because A) I say it every month and B) It’s a fact of life. So yeah, July has been pretty great. I’ve already started working through my 25 things before I’m 25 list and it’s been an all round really good month.

After wondering how I would ever fill that empty void in my life that was Love Island, it clicked at around 8pm tonight that I used to actually blog, so here we are now. So yay for no more rushing around to get everything done before 9pm. Altough I’m secretly counting down the days until it starts again net year, and I’m not even sorry.

Between the Love Island sessions these 10 things made July for me, let’s hope August is just as good!

#1. She arrived!

She’s here and oh boy is she bloomin’ beautiful. I waited 10 weeks for this new pink gal (Blush Frame Armchair from Made.com) to be made and delivered and it was worth every single second. I nearly had a heart attack when the chair ‘almost’ didn’t fit through the door, but it’s been plain sailing ever since.

I’m too scared to sit on the chair, because LOOK, but I feel like it completes my living room and it looks pretty good on Instagram too so I’m A-OK with that <3


#2. I Donated My First Pint Of Blood

I did it. I really did it. I didn’t faint, I ate lots of biscuits and I feel amazing for doing it. Donating blood has been something I have wanted to do for so long and it was the push from my friend that finally made me do it. It wasn’t scary, it wasn’t really painful and I am so proud of myself for doing such a wonderful and selfless thing.

I only had to spare 1 hour of my time, and my pint of blood could help to save one adult or 8 babies which really is bloody amazing. I also found out that I’m A+ blood group which is pretty cool, I’m still waiting on the text to see where my blood has been administered to, but I already know it’s something I’m 100% going to do again.

#3. Beach Day

Beautiful weather in Plymouth on the weekend naturally means a beach day and it’s not something I have done for soooo long. We headed to Whitsand Bay at the start of the month, probably one of the best beaches near Plymouth, and it was perfect.

The beach is so long that there was barely anyone around, we sunbathed, listened to music and ate milk bottle chews, and oh my it was the best day ever. More days like this in August please.

#4. Bloggers Brunch

I look forward to the #PlymBlogBrunch every month, the Plymouth blogging community is wonderful. I love spending one Sunday each month with some of the loveliest people, whilst they’ll nearly always be pancakes consumed, by me at least.

This month we headed to Bistrot Pierre, and it also means I can grab some outfit pictures afterwards too which is always a bonus!


#5. I Booked A Holiday!

This year saw me make my biggest purchase to date (I’m talking about you new home) so I wasn’t too sure where or if I would be going on holiday this year. Despite realising I probably spend more money on food than my mortgage each month, I’ve managed to book a weeks holiday to Mallorca at the end of August, much excite!

I’m not even lying when I say I’m literally going to sunbathe, relax and eat for the whole week. Is there any other way to do it?

#6. Croissants In Bed

They don’t lie when they say the little things in life really are the best. Croissants in crisp white bed sheets with strawberry jam and dominos on the sofa with Inbetweeners on 100% trumps going out for food at the moment for me. It’s my comfort blanket, my safe place.

It’s probably because I look forward to breaking the monotony of porridge in the week days, but it’s such a bitter sweet feeling. Jut FYI, Lidl Bakery do the best croissants and they’re super cheap too.

#7. I Won A Trip To Paris!!

Wait. What??? So this probably scoops the award for what made me happiest in July, or it may have been June but I’m only telling you now, sooo… Remember the Unboxing Plymouth VLOG I did back at the start of the year, well mine won! The prize was a weekend city break to anywhere in Europe for up to £500.

Naturally, I picked Paris! I’ve never been before and it’s always been on my to travel list so I really cannot wait. We go the weekend before my birthday in September, so expect lots of snaps and some blog posts on my return. If you have any recommendations for things to see off the beaten track, and of course the best food places in Paris then comment below or tweet me!!

P.S Have I nailed the candid laughing look yet? (see top picture).

What made you happy in July?

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