5 Things I’ve Learnt About Living By Myself

In the last 7 days, I’ve learnt 2 very important lessons. Never cut bread straight onto the work surface and don’t leave tea towels on a burning hob. Turns out neither end well. But the worst bit, I had no one to blame for my actions, so I truly did learn a lesson the hard way.

I’ve now been living by myself in my new home for 3 months, which is crazy in itself as I still don’t have TV and I don’t know where the time has possibly gone. Living by yourself as a female seems to be like a taboo subject, people are like WHY, are you not scared? How are you managing? Aren’t you lonely?

It turns out it isn’t something that is as common as you think, but why not? I admit, I had my reservations before I moved out, I didn’t know how I would adjust to living by myself, and I used to run up the stairs at home when no one was in so the monsters wouldn’t catch me. Whilst it took a while to settle in, I now couldn’t imagine it any other way. I’ve learnt more about myself and what makes me happy in the last 3 months than I have my whole life!

1. Embracing Your Own Company

I always have enjoyed my own company, but I did have my initial fears that I would feel lonely being by myself the whole time. Whilst it took me a while to settle down to the idea of it, I now couldn’t imagine it any other way. Being able to truly enjoy and be content in your own company is a rare and wonderful thing. I do think it’s so important to have that time by yourself, and do things by yourself.

One of my goals for 2017 was to learn to love myself more, and in living by myself I truly believe I am well on my journey towards this. I love the solitude when I get home from work in the evenings, I don’t have to discuss my bad day with anyone and I can focus on housework, soaking in a hot bath or indulging in copious amounts of chocolate, in peace. Everything that exists outside of my home is a closed book when I get home, I can finally shut out my worries as I have no one to discuss them with, and I really do feel the happiest I have in a long time.

2. Buying stuff so it doesn’t run out

I’ve learnt that the number 1 way to succeed at being an adult is to ensure that you’re constantly buying stuff in preparation for when that stuff actually runs out, and repeat. Toilet rolls, washing up liquid, dishwasher powder, toothpaste… the list goes on. It’s boring, it really is. But preparation is key when you live by yourself, funnily enough the fridge isn’t an entity that miraculously fills itself up every day.

3. Getting Someone To Take Outfit Pictures Is An Impossible Task

I can no longer rope my poor Mum into taking outfit photos for me on a weekend, which I’m sure she’s delighted about after I sort of slated her photography a bit in one post, I am sorry about that.

But yeh, those perks are gone and buried in the water when you live by yourself. So it’s waiting until James comes to stay or being overly enthusiastic with my camera at every blogger meet up, but it works quite well. I’ve enjoyed a bit of a step back from outfit posts as it was becoming a bit of a chore for me which is why I’ve tried to strip it back to basics – plain backgrounds, outfits I love (not what has been sent to me) and not discussing every bit of the outfit in tiring detail.

4. Everything Remains As You Left It

When I was at uni I dreamt of those times that I would arrive home and my plates would be in the place I left them. My milk would be left untouched and I wouldn’t have to avoid cooking until my housemates left the kitchen.

Now it’s here and it doesn’t quite live up to it’s expectations. Those strewn clothes across your bedroom floor remain there for the whole week, breakfast dishes unwashed, dead flowers waiting to be thrown out and bin bags waiting to be taken to the bin. The stuff really does stay where you left in the morning, and only you can do something about it.

But nothing would be possible without my dishwasher, so for that, I am very grateful. Thank you <3

5. Friends coming over = tidy apartment

I’m so busy during the week that I usually let the mess build up until the Friday where I do a quick blitz of the apartment. But the fastest way to get a tidy apartment? Have friends over. I’ve never cleaned my hob, bathroom and floordrobe faster, there’s no motivation like it!

Outfit details:

Top – Primark

Skirt – Topshop

Clutch Bag – Topshop

Mules – Office

What do you think of this outfit? Do you live by yourself? What have you learnt about moving out?

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