OOTD | The Last One As You Know It

Pineapple Shirt* – Closet London

Skirt – New Look

Shoes – River Island

Watch – Cluse

You may have seen my blog content change over the last couple of months and with that I think it’s the perfect time to start switching up my outfit posts. I’ve been emulating the same style of outfit posts in both content form and pictures for almost 4 years now, wow. Albeit, the early day ones were shot in my parents hallway, and our garden for a about a year, but it worked.

But change is good, and I think where the future of blogging is a bit uncertain that it’s more important than ever to ride the waves of this journey and switch it up a bit. So what will be changing?

I feel that OOTD is very 2013 – does anyone even use this term anymore? Every time I used it in the title of the post, it felt harder to stop doing it. It feels outdated now and really isn’t a top ranking keyword as you can imagine…

Along with the content, I’m not going to be just focusing on every aspect of the outfit details… You can all see what the outfit looks like and hopefully appreciate it too, I find most people are more visual on outfit posts and look at the pictures and not much else. The content will be based more around something that is going on, sharing snippets of my every day life or anything in between. I want it to be more interesting to read than ‘these shoes literally go with everything!’ – very 10 year old and something I feel has outgrown both myself and my writing style.

I spend ages finding the perfect location for photos sometimes, so much so I even dedicated a post to some of the best locations for outfit photos in Plymouth – dedication right there! I’m much preferring fashion bloggers with the more candid style/plain backgrounds now, anything else seems to detract from the photos too much and looks like I’m trying too hard. So I’ve decided to strip it all back, go back to basics and scout out some plain locations. As Instagram seems to be the place to constantly be, I’m taking more inspiration for what I would want to post on there and actually ‘Like’ myself. There’s nothing like a killer outfit set against a crusty, pastel, pink wall – am I right?

So there you go, stripped back content, a more grown up approach and simply sharing photos to showcase the outfit and not so much the location!

Have you changed how you shoot outfit pictures over the years?

*Products marked with an asterix (*) have been sent to me for review. However, all opinions in this post are 100% my own