4 Things We Can Do When The World Is Falling Apart


I have no words for the monstrous beings that are roaming our world and are taking innoncent people with years of life left to be lived, with futures waiting to be fulfiled, with the excitement that you never know what is round the corner. And that’s it, you just don’t. It only takes a split second for a life to be ended, and for a world to be turned upside down.

I feel heartbroken, heartbroken that innocent people’s lives are being taken, hundreds of people are being caught up in what must be terrifying situations and that their partners, family members and loved ones will never come home again.

I want it to end. I want to be able to do things without fear, fear that it will be my turn to end up in the wrong place at the wrong time. But we never know what is next, it’s simply heartbreaking that 2 attacks have taken place in the UK in the space of 10 days, what is next?

I felt like I woke up in a different world yesterday, it’s like a war that I simply cannot see how it can be stopped. But we must not stop living our lives. We can pray, be nicer to others, share the love and simply live every day like it’s the last, love conquers fear.

We Cannot Live In Fear

It’s difficult to not fear the world, to fear something happening to our loved ones, to fear our next holiday, the fear that stops up from booking a holiday or heading to London for a weekend away. We have to continue our every day lives, we simply can’t stop.

The chances of being held up in a terrorist attack are still very slim, it is a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and we cannot predict what will happen next, it could be anywhere.

But we simply cannot live in fear, this is what the terrorists want. We can still go on holiday, we can still go to shows, we can still go to bars on the weekend, we just have to remember to be vigilant and take care.

Relish In The Little Things

I reached for my 14,000 things to be happy book this morning and soaked up the lines in the book to help me remember there is good in this world, there is a lot of good.

There’s feeling the dappled sunlight against your skin, watching rain lash against the window, cuddling a loved one, pizza, fresh flowers – write a list of 5 things that make you happy each day and you’ll soon have 14,000 things of your own.

We must remember the little things in life, not get hung up on the not so good, every bad situation you may come across is only temporary and we must remember that.

Reach Out To Others

I’m always trying to be a better person and be nicer to others, the world would be a much better place if each person reached out to whoever they meet and show compassion.

Help those that may not be as fortunate as you, donate, spare 5 minutes out of your day to have a conversation with a stranger, take time to spend quality time with your family and try to do something nice every day.

Stop With The #FirstWorldProblems

We cannot get bogged down in silly, insignifcant things that we feel are significant. Your Instagram post not reaching the same amount of people it did 6 months ago does not matter, being starving does not matter – it means you’re alive. Having the icing of a fresh cinnamon bun stick to the paper bag does not matter – you can buy another.

Wishing for each weekend to come around needs to stop. We have to be grateful to be alive and appreciate the little things that make up our life, they might not seem like much now, but believe me they are.

Be nicer every day, stick together, look to the future and never fear what might be next. I love you London <3