OOTD | Learning To Enjoy The Little Things In Life

Dress – New Look

Rucksack – Zara

Sunglasses – Primark

Jumpin Palm Print Sneakers* – Rocket Dog

Broadband is finally gracing the walls of my new home and that means that my blogging can finally resume schedule, well almost. If I’ve learnt anything since I’ve moved out it’s that I cannot do anything. Shocker, right? For so long I’ve been trying to basically do everything, I thought I even had it sussed after writing about how I juggle working full time and writing a blog, but since I’ve moved out it’s upset the apple cart so to speak.

I’m going through a phase again when I’m finding blogging a chore, and with everything piling up I’m still trying to make headway through it even if I’m exhausted, feeling ill or literally have no time. I’m always like MORE, WHAT’S NEXT? Why do we never seem satisfied with what we have and just simply take the time to take a step back and appreciate the little things in our life, that are often the most special moments.

I’m still very much trying to enjoy the little things in life, and I think moving out has been the kick I needed to start  looking after myself properly and realise that i can’t do everything. Well, the dishwasher for a start has been a godsend as has getting my food shopping delivered to my home, BUT now it’s about making time for myself, grabbing a coffee by myself, appreciating how close I am to the sea, having a walk in the evening and NOT worrying about what my to do list looks like for the weekend or having to rush to the supermarket because I have no food left for the week. 

As I’m beginning to learn, life is too short, and I don’t want to look back on it realising that I wished every week away for the weekend, and stressed over whether I’d done a blog for the week or not, I’m just not about this anymore, and the worst bit? I put this pressure on myself, no one else – so this summer is going to be the best summer of my life. I’m determined to make more memories than ever, have less screen time and simply enjoy the company of myself and being with other people. Life is too short for conforming to my own expectations when there’s plenty of adventures waiting to be had.

What do you think of this outfit? How do you make more time to stop and enjoy the little things in life?

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