10 Things That Happen When You Become A Homeowner

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Congratulations, you’re a home owner, or maybe you’ve moved out of home for the first time?

Those first steps are always the hardest, but as you look back with pride on what you’ve achieved you can’t help but feel it’s the best decision of your life. The biggest purchase of your life.

It’s also life changing, my life has changed. I’m exhausted like ALL the time, I have to have a 30 minute call with my mum when I use the dishwasher the first time, oh and how do I actually cook? Can I iron?

Anyway, homeowner or not, I’m sure you can relate to these 10 things…

1. You’re tired all the time. How do people work, cook, clean, buy food, socialise and exercise all whilst still living? CANNOT ADULT.

2. With your newfound ‘lack of time’ you look for every life hack going. Food home delivery? The best thing since sliced bread. Eating out seems to become an almost daily occurrence.

3. You love Location, Location, Location, like love level that if you miss it you’ll come this close to kicking off. Like when did this happen plz? It was always that show you used to detest when your mum watched it.

4. Clothes no longer interest you in the same way like a 99p bath mat from Primark. You get ALL the homeware, in every shop you gravitate towards the furniture, cutlery, home decor bits – you love nothing more.

5. Remember when you were younger and begged for more post? Now you get ALL the post. Bills, bank statements, bills, more bills – it’s no laughing matter now, YOU have to deal with them.

6. You keep the Zoopla app. Yes, you’ve already bought your dream home, but when you got the home bug you love nothing more than nosing inside people’s home and comparing your new said home with ones on the market.

7. Your ears prick up every time you hear someone purchasing a property or getting their first mortgage. You’re practically a mortgage adviser/consultant, without the extortionate commission and lies. 

8. Those trivial stresses you used to have like your size shoes being out of stock or your nails chipping no longer matter. They’re replaced by real adult stresses that consume you. Now it’s, the washing machines leaking WHAT DO I DO? How was my water bill that expensive? Deffo did not have 10 showers in one week. WHY IS MY ADDRESS NOT ON THE ADDRESS LOOKUP ON DOMINOES.

9. You love inviting people round, but you’re always on edge. Will they spill wine on the new carpet? Will they stain the sofa? What if they break something? STRESS. You’d now never throw a house party, regardless to it never being an after thought when you lived at your parents house.

10. Nothing stays nice forever. I hadn’t been in my apartment for 2 minutes when I rubbed some white paint off the wall and scraped a plug along the wall. You try to preserve everything. Sitting on a rug on the sofa, putting a tea towel across the table. Practical? No. But your sanity remains intact until the next time.

Can you relate to any of these?

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