How To Juggle Writing A Blog & Working Full Time


Okay, so I’ll hold my hands up and admit that I’m not always good at doing the above, but when I am on form, I think I do a pretty good girl bossing job of juggling a full time job, other work commitments, exercise and writing a blog twice or three times a week. Woaah – I don’t even know how I do sometimes.

Now that is a lot to juggle, and one of the main reasons if any that I fail with this is that I’m quite simply exhausted. My brain is frazzled. I am stressed that I’m stressed, and I just can’t be bothered. Sound familiar? Identifying the times that you just need to take a step back will help you keep on track, and let’s face it, we ALL need a break. Whether it’s a hobby or your full time job, we’re only human and taking a step back and allowing yourself time to reset will allow you to come back with a clear mind and with better content than ever before.

So you’re now wanting to go full steam ahead with your blog, but the small issue of time or lack of it besides your other commitments is holding you back. Being able to blog alongside uni, school or a full time job is 100% not impossible, I’ve managed to do this for almost 4 years now so I’ve definitely picked up some invaluable coping tools along the way. If you want to take your blog to the next level whilst you’re still in education or in a job, these tips will help you perfectly juggle all your commitments, and you may even have some time left over!

#1. Be Organised

Like anything in life, you don’t stand much chance without organisation. When you’re not organised you feel like you’re drowning with commitments and struggling to keep up (I still frequently do). If you work/go to uni or school alongside blogging, you probably wouldn’t be reading this unless you were a little bit organised. This is why so many blogs fall by the wayside in the first few months of a blogs life.

I organise myself for my blog in a few different ways, and I’m sure that everyone has their own routine that suits them. What leads onto my next points to help me stay organised are a) planning content in advance b) scheduling slots on the weekend/evenings that I set aside for blogging c) organise photos to be taken of my outfits on the weekend d) use a calendar/weekly planner to track everything over the month, including post titles, photography and any blog collabs that I need to schedule in.

#2. Plan Content In Advance

Plan, Plan, Plan. Planning in advance is key to keeping you motivated and ensuring you have something to go out however many times a week/month you have in mind. I have a weekly planner pad that I use to add the dates and the post titles for that date. This then gives me something to work with a week or 2 in advance, I’ll then schedule the post ready to go live and tick it off once it’s done!

I’m always on the lookout for inspiration and motivation for new posts, this allows me to keep ahead of myself. At the start of the year I always write about 50 potential post titles for that year so I have something to fall back on. I actually enjoy being creative and doing this, and I find it a great way to prepare for the new blogging year!

#3. Use Time Wisely

When you’re busy during the week, you 100% have to use your time wisely and set aside time that you know you can devote to the blog. For me this is mostly weekends and evenings, but at the start of the year I have started using about 3 of my 1 hour lunchtimes a week to crack on with some content. I hate staying at my computer the whole day, but this has freed up so much of my time at home and I usually get bored over a full hour lunch anyway.

Like you would with a revision schedule, set some hour slots aside in the week, and slot in the planned content/photos you want achieved in that time. If you make the time for things, it makes things a whole lot easier. Anticipate weekends away in advance too as this always puts a kibosh on my blogging plans.

#4. Time Out From Social Media

My week long social media detox was definitely an eye opener. I didn’t realise just how much of my time was being eaten by social media. There was even moments when I was bored as I had completed everything on my list in no time at all, which is normally something I dread getting through on the weekend!

Even if you start off small, banning yourself from not checking your phone for an hour or having an afternoon off social media will be a game changer. As we work, then check our phone and scroll for a bit, we don’t realise just how much time this uses up, and how much quicker your blog post or photography could have taken without doing it. I used this method for when I was revising for my A Levels and it worked a treat!

#5. Use Scheduling Tools

I’d love to be live tweeting and live blogging throughout the week, but when you only get one break a day there’s no chance that can ever happen. Scheduling is an absolute life saver, I usually switch between Tweetdeck (the best scheduling app for Twitter) or Buffer – because you can link your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even Pinterest to it if you pay for the premium account. 

I usually schedule all my tweets on a Sunday night, so I don’t need to worry about doing anything during the week. I need to take a leaf out of my own book and do this for Instagram, as I really struggle during the week when the evenings are dark and I’m too tired to think. 

As for my blog posts, I also schedule all of them in advance too so I know what time they’re going out during the week and on what days. I usually do this at least a week in advance so I know where I am and what content I have left to complete for the month.

#6. Take Breaks

Like I said at the beginning, we all need to take time out every now and then. For most of you reading this, blogging will still just be your hobby, so no pressure. Your blog won’t go anywhere, and it will start to show in your content if you’re struggling for ideas or forcing content that you don’t feel 100% happy with.

We sometimes have to take that step back, and look in from a different perspective to realise what we want for our blog. I always feel so much fresher after a little break, with so many blog ideas that I can’t wait to get stuck into. This allows me to realise just how much I love my blogging hobby and spurs me on to better it all the time. Never feel guilty for taking a break, you do you.

Ultimately organisation and scheduling really are the key to success with keeping on top with your blogging regime! I’m still learning and adapting all the time as things happen in my work & life, don’t be so hard on yourself, take breaks and work as hard as you can to reach your dreams! I hope some of your found these tips helpful, I hold my hat off to all of you who still manage to blog alongside work/uni/school commitments, it’s not easy! But nothing worth having is ever easy, right? <3

Do you have any other tips for juggling work and blogging? 

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